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Every Human Longs to Belong

Every Human Longs to Belong

Belonging - Acceptance as a natural member or part: a sense of belonging, the inherent nature of humans to connect with others, a sense of connection or attachment to people/places.

What's at play that such a big-brained species is missing the very element of what it is to be human?

How can it be that the mention of the word extinction invokes such strong emotion; whilst at the same time many purposefully play a card in organisational life that at best creates social isolation and at it's very worst social extinction?

Why do we continue to witness behaviour within organisations that is so inherently rotten that it creates a level of disconnection amongst humans and destroys the very fabric that binds us?

How can we be so damn Stupid?

I'm talking about the basic need to Belong; to feel a strong connection to another human and a place of work. To feel safe and have a sense of attachment to something that is bigger than the individual.

Recent examples with Wells Fargo and the continual announcements of cut backs and layoffs across the globe in favour of shareholder return is fuelling the fire of social isolation and extinction.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is everything that is rotten to the core and there are many more like him who chose to blame the 1% for the issues that they have created in order to line their pockets and stroke their overinflated egos. This is not what it is to be human, to create an attachment and a sense of connection. Ask the 1000 employees who were the scapegoats on how they are going with belonging, connection and attachment to Wells Fargo?

The photo above is a real example of creating a sense of belonging. It's a simple exercise where humans connect in a circle and give each other reassurance about their worth and how their uniqueness adds to the tapestry of the whole group. It's a 60 minute investment in creating a sense of longer term human belonging.

It's Human to Human

No Technology

No KPI's

No Authority Figure

No Ego

No Competition

No Corruption

Just 10 Humans investing in each other to create a sense of belonging, connection and attachment.

Over the past two years this is one of the highlights of the work I am now fortunate to participate in. It creates a level of belonging and connection that every human longs for.

How about you invest 60 minutes today and call it "Longing to Belong" time.

Those KPI's, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Titles and Egos will still be there when you're done. Oh and they might start to play second fiddle to the real need to belong in a human sense - being connected and attached to something that is real flesh and blood.

It's about Being Human

Mark LeBusque believes in creating social belonging and that organisations are making their employees socially extinct. Organisations engage him when the truth has gone missing, individuals and teams are working below their potential and there is a need to bring a more human approach to their business because he has an ability to create an environment where the conversations that really matter can happen. It is what he calls "duality" or an ability to create enough tension whilst allowing participants to feel safe to speak their truth.