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How Do You Turn Up

How Do You Turn Up

I walk into the room and I see them straight away - arms folded, slouched in their chair, looking out the window and if I'm really observant periodically rolling their eyes as if they have been sent to the Siberia of management development programs. "Oh we go" is something that I whisper to myself and then BOOM.

"Is this useful Mark?" a gentle voice says to me as if to give me a little prod rather than a big whack. "How do you think that will impact on how you have turned up today?" the voice then goes on to say. "Get a grip mate or you will get what you deserve".

What I don't see first is the highly engaged and energetic types, bouncing off the walls and looking like they have won the lotto and are in for a pretty good time. More than happy to be here for the two days and contribute to the learning of the group.

So why is it that I pay more attention to the so called "knuckle dragging oxygen thieves" and how can I address this in order to allow for everyone in the room to be heard before we kick off? What has triggered me into seeing this before I see anything else?

Perhaps this is something that