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Rolling The Dice On The Unknown

Rolling The Dice On The Unknown

September 30th 2016 is a date that might not mean much to many but to me was a chance to reflect.

You see it was Seven Hundred and Thirty Days since I was made redundant (for the second time) and chose not to re-enter the mainstream workforce. Yep September 30th 2014 I "left the building" and I awoke on October 1st 2014 and started the journey into the Unknown.

September 30th 2016 was in essence the 730th day in a row of Rolling The Dice on The Unknown.

What Is The Unknown?

  • Getting my first sale
  • Being successful or heading back to the concrete jungle tail between my legs
  • "Cutting the mustard" as a practitioner in Humanising Managers in a saturated market
  • The type of response I would get to my work and how that would make me feel
  • Coping with the loneliness of working in a business of one
  • The impact of losing my Identity
  • Walking my Talk or Losing My Nerve (What would come first?)
  • Generating enough revenue to provide for my family and our living standard

Despite all of this over time some things also become known

What Is now Known after 712 Days is this:

  • I have been highly praised for my different approach
  • I have been labelled as the "worst facilitator I've used in 25 years" by a client
  • I have been ready to throw it in once and was told to "eat my own dog food" by someone near and dear to me
  • I have s