6 Critical Fundamentals of Recruit Marketing

By Emily Bartels

6 Critical Fundamentals of Recruit Marketing

Recruitment marketing is the implementations that are used to help find those what you want to recruit in your field for a new position. it’s a funnel activity in a sense, beginning with awareness, interest, the search, the application, the eval, and then hiring. But, what are some fundamental aspects of it? What can you utilize in recruitment marketing to get more leads, and more success? Well, read on, because here, we are about to go over some critical aspects of this, and what you need to know.


One critical part of recruitment marketing is obviously branding. This is essentially a foundational element.. before you consider anything else, you need to have established your company and brand. You need to consider your brand, and how to optimize it, and also any signs that you should consider that may hurt the brand. You want to showcase a brand that shows your purpose, the culture, and the mission. It may not be for everyone, and that’s okay. that’s not the end-goal here, to appease the entire masses. you’ll want to make sure that you do have this at the forefront of every single possible aspect of your brand.

You should never neglect your current branding efforts, and make sure that you keep everything in a simple language so that people are satisfied, and you get the referrals that you want.

Know your Audience and Create Profiles

Audience profiles are very important since you’ll want to fill the candidates in an effective sense. You need to know the targets that you want, the motivations that they have, and then build the profile. In this as well, you should also make sure that you know your market too, including gender, age, ethnicity, generation, and also the educational factors. Research these, since it will help with candidate personas.

With personas, you should look at skills, personalities, qualities, background, goals, experience, and from there, you should also make sure to create the content that you want based on this. Remember, it’s a research of data, and then implementing it in there.

Content Marketing

This is another integral part. You want to build content based on this, including descriptions, any collateral, website pages that help the person understand what it is that you’re trying to sell, interviews that may answer focal questions, and some ads. By having this content here, you’ll be able to utilize SEO on this, and that’s one element of SEO Gold Coast recruitment marketing that you should focus on. You will see that, when you put relevant and interesting content out there, you’ll realize as well that it can definitely help create great themes.

Digital Advertise

Online retailers are actually really good at this, and it's something that you should become more familiar with. it’s a pragmatic approach, in that there are strategies used in retail that can apply to those who are trying to recruit others for whatever it is. Retailers want to get people to buy their product. that’s the end-goal of it all, and in a sense, recruiters have a product that they need to market and sell as well, that being the job that they posted, and the position that they need to be filled.

With this, your goal is to attract talent and bring forth creative, beautiful, and captivating content in order to make your brand appealing to the others. You want people to see w you’re providing since that’s the name of the game, and ultimately something that you should consider.

Lead Capture!

Leads in recruitment marketing are basically your best friend. Led capture is actually a really important part of this since you can find the talent that you want to, check the pipelines, and then capture it. In general, only about 10% of any career site traffic does complete the application that you’ve posted. that’s a very low number, and unfortunately, that showcases just how hard it is to recruit people without this. The audience that you want to have won’t be there if you don't’ lead capture since lead captures will change that, and allow others to re-engage and from there, you’ll get more interested people seeking out jobs. Capture forms for job alerts are a good part of it, but to be really good at recruitment marketing, you definitely will want to make sure you get the communication with the candidates and nurture that too.

Care About your Candidates!

So, you’ve gotten the leads, and you have someone interested. that’s great! But, it doesn’t end there. Leads don’t generate positions and recruitment, but you need to talk to them. Engage with these people, and you can talk and find out if they fit. You can use tools to see if the person does, but the thing is, you need to talk to the talent that’s interested. Job seekers that take action and express interest basically have a sign on their head that says “I am a potential candidate! Talk to me!” Of course, if they fit the job, then great, and if they don’t, unfortunately, you’ll have to let them down. But, if you want people to join your team, and you want to recruit them, you need to make sure that once you do get the person’s interest, you talk to them, and you try to work on nurturing that relationship so that there is a chance that they can work with you.

It does take time, as you’ll notice, and some people just may not fit, but if you’re able to create the best and most rewarding recruitment marketing campaign out there, communication is basically your best friend, and you should always strive to use this.

These aspects are important when it comes to recruitment marketing. If you want to really do well with this, you need to consider all of these key points. By doing so, and by taking the time to utilize the different aspects of this and learn from it, you’ll be able to generate interest, understanding, and a much better experience as well.

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bio: Emily Bartels is a Content Writer and Developer at Constant Clicks that helps businesses to grow using digital marketing practices. She has been in this industry for 5+ years and specialises in writing educative content on SEO, Social Media, businesses. She loves to read trending news to keep her updated!

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