The Staffing Crisis Facing the Supply and Logistics Sector

The British road transport sector is in the midst of a staffing crisis due to a massive shortage of drivers that is becoming a growing cause of concern amongst logistics operators. According the findings of a survey conducted by Paragon Systems with several thousand UK Managers within the logistics and transport sector, nearly half (46.6%) of respondents stated that the lack of Drivers and other skilled workers in the industry was the biggest barrier to success for their companies.

The Staffing Crisis Facing the Supply and Logistics Sector

Finding and hiring the best talent is now even more important to guarantee the continuous growth and success of your organisation. Industry leaders are also concerned about the image of the logistics industry, with some suggesting the sector needed to promote itself as a modern and innovative industry that is embracing the latest technology.

It is now vital that recruiters in the sector start utilising newer and more effective technology in their recruitment process. Not only will they be able to attract more talent by letting their job adverts reach a much larger pool of candidates, but a streamlined recruitment process will also help them retain applicants during the process and make them more attractive to candidates who wish to find work in a company that is competent and responsive

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