Close High Interview

Close High Interview

Feature with the Multi-talented CloseHigh

1)How do you balance your music with other obligations - mate, children, job?

In music I feel it’s hard for me to balance a partner unless she’s creative as well and can push me vise Versa. I haven’t found that but’s hen I do I’m sure it’ll be a bonus for the both of us. Children / family come first if you don’t take care of the children you can’t make it in music. How can one take care of a team if their priorities aren’t in shape. As for my job right now it’s needed to invest in my music and other things . I usually get 5-6 hours to work on my craft some nights I get no sleep and wake up for work tired. It’s a beautiful struggle.

2)Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Some famous talented musicians I’ve learned from was Hector Lavoe , BIg Pun , tupac, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar , the Wu Tang Clan just studying how they were and how they put words and rhymes together. Also listening to some of their stories can be insightful some people have it worse than me and still accomplished their goals.

3)Have you been in any competitions?

In the past I have competed in show cases for music. I won a couple not all but what lesson do we learn if we win everything. As a youth in high school we would set up rap battles it was fun good for training the mind and confidence.

4)What Does Your Band Name Mean?

Theclosehigh production is a brand which that is like a God to the physical world. I shoot videos/make clothes /make music , all these diffrent portals have their own name it’s like little companies inside a company. It’s a processs but I’m doing my best to get it done. Eventually hire a team.

5)Do You Have a Formal Music Education?

 I can say the only music education I have is experince. I think this is the best teacher you just have to dive in and learn as you go. Eventually I’d like to go back to school for music when my life is less hectic.

6)How Do You Handle Mistakes During a Performance?

During performances I’ve made mistakes a lot actually sometimes even sending the wrong music to the dj , my first performance ever I forgot the words to the track the good part is that the club was still giving out with me which I appreciate . I usually rehearse a lot before I perform some times mistakes are inevitable. It’s just the process .

7)What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous about performing?

A few of my friends at times are nervous to go and perform they are often really talented. What I tell them is just face it go up there face w.e is going to happen , study other people who perform like major artist see how they work with crowds . Go head and perform I’d say make your mistake get it over with eventually you’d get comfortable and it’ll feel like home .

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