Kool Focus Interview

Kool Focus Interview

Thanks Kool Focus for joining us.

In Opening,

1) Have you ever played any instruments?

All I ever did was play the piano in school that's about it. That meet was my thing. Didn't care for playing instruments.

2)What was some of the Best advice you were ever given?

To stay focus on my dreams. And never give up. People gone hate but let them do what they do. And do what you got to do. To stay ahead of the game. I stuck to that & it working for me. I stay working on my grind.

3) We see you have a nice collection of songs, what was the First song you ever did and why?

I honestly can't remember my first song I've done. Been doing music for so money yrs. But my first song I can say i love the most. Is my song I'm Motivated. It's just a different feel to me. And it's a real song people can relate too.

4) Who else in your family sings? have you ever worked with them?

It's allot of people in my family that do music. That's one of the reasons I got my own Record Label (OCC Records). I have mostly family on my Label. Every body for their on style. And every body working on Mixtapes as we speck.

5) If you weren't making music, what would be one of your biggest passions?

I'll be drawing pictures. Something I use too love to do as a kid. I like to work on houses too. So that's another thing I'll be doing. If my focus wasn't all on my music.

6) How often do you write a new song?

I write like 1 new song a week or every other week. Depends on what I got going on. I love to do music no matter what. I got allot done. I dropped 4 Mixtapes last year & one EP. I'm gone do 6 or more Mixtapes this year & maybe 1 EP again. Gone focus more on videos this year too.

7)Provide any links and website address