Thomas Yb Wright Interview

Thomas Yb Wright Interview

New Music Interview with YB

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1) If you could perform anywhere in the world, with whoever you want, where would it be and why?

I would have to say Gallatin Tennessee with all the rappers from Gallatin, To shed light on the talent that we have here

2) What's the difference in between performing on stage and performing in the studio?

There's a big difference on stage you performing in front of strangers and they can hear if you mess up, and in the studio you can relax more and fix your mistakes before the people hear your music.

3) What are some of your inspiration when you make music? Do you usually have co-writers or do you write better by yourself?

My inspirations come from good vibes and my surroundings if im surrounded by good vibes my music will come out good vibes vice versa 

Far as co-writers i'm still trying to figure out what that is lol. even tho it takes me awhile to write the hits. I have a hard time rapping others words even when i'm singing along with them so I would have to say I do better writing my own music.

4) Tell us about your upcoming releases and what should listeners expect when they first hear you.

I'm currently working on another EP for this summer called "Late Bloomer" yall can expect All original music and of course that LiveFlow
unlike the rest of the music that's out right now I take a diff approach to music period. We can have the same name and same topic and my song will always be diff

5) What advice would you give yourself as a child?

To be real I would tell myself everybody aint for you and help yourself first

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