Marki Kranthi en Marketing y Producto, Marketing e Produto, Marketing 17/5/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +700

Does Your Prospect Know about Your Brand?

How many times you thought that I need magic to advertise my product in a flash and increase my sale numbers exponentially?

How many times you suspiciously skimmed through your content to understand why it is not attracting your target audience?

How many times you confused yourself regarding which piece of your existing content is really worth and convert eyeballs into leads?

It happens in every product owner’s case. You are not the only one. Everyone knows that content is king. But, how to use the king to get what we want, no one knows correctly. Everyone gives ideas but no one takes responsibility regarding the lead generation. Why it is happening?

From Google Adwords to creating buyer personas to building sales funnel; you consulted and created everything. Yet, something is wrong! People are reading your content but no one is following the call-to-action that you have written one every single page of content. What is happening?

The answer for the above questions lies in lop-sided content development and publishing strategies. Here, you are focusing only on your product and its related content. But, what about promoting your company brand? Your brand weighs heavily in the decision analysis of your customers. It is true that your content provides lot of insights. Your white papers answer so many technical questions. Still, when it comes to buying the product, your prospect prefers to go by the known established brand [though it offers less features] rather than giving business to your new brand.

Brands matter a lot in all sorts [B2B & B2C] of marketing.

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