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How Google Gave Boost to Language Translation?

English as a global language is serving as an umbrella for so many regions and geographies which speak different languages. When it comes to business and commerce, we all need a language that helps us to communicate with each other freely. As you already know, businesses break barriers; in this case, language barriers. Actually, business across the world supported English for own benefit. Although there are those European countries which favor to speak in their mother tongue when it comes to dealing with foreigners, they also try to communicate in English. Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc., are no exceptions either.    

Now, in this social media world, communication has been given priority. After FaceBook struck gold, whole world is buzzing with one phrase: connecting with others. After Google entered the game, machine translation of languages has been given a big boost. Google Translate, though it won’t give perfect output, up to certain extent it is OK. One can take its output as a base version and build on it. There are nearly 100+ languages that you can translate using Google Translate. While browsing [using Google search engine] you if you are directed to a non-English website, immediately your browser displays a popup asking whether you need to translate the page in English. For people who write their blogs in non-English languages, Google’s Blogger is providing ‘Translate’ widget so that they can add it to their blog for their English readers’ convenience.

By translating and publishing your write-ups into different languages, you can increase your audience reach by leaps and bounds.

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