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Separate Social Media Sites for Regional Languages

Nowadays, social media channels that support regional languages are sprouting everywhere. One way, this is a good sign. Actually, it is an attempt to bring in more people into the mainstream, enabling them to communicate, engage, and interact with each other. For marketers also, this is a good sign as they can access the whole community of a particular language in a single place. Advertisers’ joy knew no bounds; why because, this strategy brings in new audience, more clicks that result in more sales.   

However, before building a social media site for a particular regional language speaking community, one should do some research regarding the number of people who speak that particular language. If the count is more and the language has more followers and supporters, then building a social media site exclusively for that language speaking people is OK. Having said this, yet there are a few concerns when one considers country like India where people speak thousands of languages across the length and breadth of the country.

Although, India’s national language is Hindi, which is spoken mainly in the north belt of India. Most of the educated Indians prefer to speak in English rather than Hindi. Although the central government is taking steps to support Hindi across India by establishing Hindi Premi Mandals, but even today, a few southern states can’t understand Hindi, which is a concern.   

Although China demography count is similar to India and situated in in the same geography, there majority speak only one language.  But in India, that is not the case; here, almost every state speaks a different language.  What happens if someone builds similar social media sites for different languages like Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, etc.? Then, won’t people show more interest in interacting with their own language people (siloed mode) rather than interacting with all Indian citizens? At present, more people are accessing and using a particular social media platform (ex: FaceBook) due to their knowledge in English language.

This blog questions the business investor community one point: By building and supporting regional language social media sites, will there be any chance that you bring down the whole business value of the entire ‘interaction & engagement’ concept. In that case the overall interest in interacting with the rest decreases, right?  In this scenario, what sort of strategy do you plan to follow for countries like India?

Your ideas are welcome!

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