What Makes an Employee Leave his Job?

What Makes an Employee Leave his Job?What is it that an employee wants from his employer? Is it just salary? Increment? Bonus? The sincere answer is respect, motivation, challenge, and trust in his capabilities from his superiors and the management. Whenever the employee gets demotivated while facing his job challenge, he should get support from the management. No bullying from neither  seniors nor long-time employees of the company. No regional, language, gender, race, feelings should be allowed to touch or shake or influence the focus of the  employee.

Yes, it is true that a few employees are after money. But not all. Why there is huge attrition registered in a few domains recently? It is just because neither the leaving employee never felt that he is a part of the current company family nor the management of the company took initiative to make him feel like that. If you ask yourself who is responsible for the generation of this feelinglessness in the employee then the answer is definitely not the employee but you can blame the  HR department and company management for this.

Why because most of the time company and its HR department tells employees so many interesting and exciting things while joining but implement only a few. Because of this reason, employees frustrate. Normally, they show their frustration on work. But the reporting manager who has been working in this company for the past 10 years displays  tough attitude. This manager has forgot his flexibility and humanity long time ago; won't understand the mental condition of his reporting employee why because he has been promoted to the managerial position based in his technical skills; not managerial skills (This is the problem with so many companies.).

Now, the friction develops between the employee and the manager due to misunderstandings. And you already know that very rarely HR people never interfere in this kind of interdepartmental friction cases. Actually, except for entertainment activities, in most of the companies, employees deal with HR department only while joining and exiting the company. Other than these 3 occasions, employees very rarely get a chance to interact with them.

Having said so, however, there are a few good companies whose HR departments are really working hard to satisfy their employees. Actually, they view their employees as assets not just resources!

In summary, all these reasons force an employee to leave the job in a company.

HR departments! Your  views are welcome. :)

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Marki Kranthi 17/6/2016 · #2

#1 Agreed!

Mohammed A. Jawad 15/5/2016 · #1

When a keen employee works hard, and at the end when the company fails to praise or reward his intelligent performance, then that’s far more hurtful to employee’s morale. You can’t afford to lose your talented employees by ignoring them. Conclusively, here's a simple dictum to bosses is enough: When your employees perform, reward them, with incentives! And when they outperform others and go beyond expectations, then why not treat them as star performers of your company?