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What New Features We Need to Add to Social Media Sites?

Are the existing features of the social media sites are OK? Or do we need more features to make them more entertaining ones? At the moment, only people who are literate can use these channels. However, there are so many people out there who don’t know how to write. In certain cases, though they know but they don’t have access to computer and internet facilities. In other words, the percentage of people who are not participating in social media channels are more than who is participating currently. When these non-participating people are also brought into the social media groove, the current results will vary drastically. What we are seeing and reading is the opinion of a certain section of the people; not all.

On this planet, people speak ‘n’ number of languages. Although majority of the people know English, they use it sparingly; only to communicate with foreigners. There are certain languages which does not have a script; only speaking no writing. Besides, there are so many tribes [still living in jungles!] and their respective languages, symbols, etc. which we are not aware of. Now, what features we need a social media site if we need to bring in all these categories of people in to the social media groove?

First things first: we need something more than the current method of typing and posting feature. Already, majority of the social media sites are supporting popular regional languages and their scripts; keyboards are also available. Now, for those, whose language has not been addressed so far, we need to do something.

Why not we help people of this planet to talk to each other using their voice; just like the recording button in WhatsApp? If any technically matured social media site comes forward and invest money on the language translation part [for languages which were not touched for translation so far!], this idea works fine. It is simple. No one needs to type content to publish his post; just record whatever he wants to say and broadcast. Images and videos continue in the same format as it is. But the caption for the images will be an audio file instead of the text file. For translation, the social media site parses the audio files in to the target language and avail the output to the other party [listener].

I think, once we provide this kind of facility in social media sites, more people will join the groove and make this place a more entertaining one.

Any corrections or ideas welcome in this regard.

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Marki Kranthi 17/6/2016 · #8

#1 Thanks @Dean Owen , @Mohammed A. Jawad, & @Qamar Ali Khan for your valuable suggestions.

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#4 Agreed...

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#5 Thanks Donna :)

Donna-Luisa Eversley 14/5/2016 · #5

@Marki Kranthi I get lost in translation with lots of apps and features, but I do enjoy the versatility of social media. On Whatsapp I send lots of voice notes, and can see your suggestion having possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

Dean Owen 14/5/2016 · #4

Absolutely @Qamar Ali Khan. Ultimately it boils down to the governments at national and local level to do something as the private sector would never spend millions developing tools for very niche markets. That said, I am a huge proponent of MOOCs, and there are a lot of free courses being offered making education available to anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and internet access.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 14/5/2016 · #3

With diverse social media platforms, around 2 billion users are thoroughly glued and engaged sharing and relishing media content. Any new features while expanding users base will probably do more damage if the serious drawbacks are just sidelined for the sake of sheer entertainment and commercial value. Without a reliable study, no new launch becomes a success!

Qamar Ali Khan 14/5/2016 · #2

This is a good suggestion @Marki Kranthi! I agree with @Dean Owen, as he's personally out there and judging the things. I also have witnessed the drastic negative changes in and effects on societies after the arrival of technology. But apart from this, the adoption of technology is essential to progress and move ahead. Your suggestion could be implemented to benefit those who are in civilized and urban societies but are either illiterate or not familiar with English and other languages that social websites support. Can you agree on that Dean?

Dean Owen 14/5/2016 · #1

Very interesting discussion to be had here @Marki Kranthi. But before addressing this issue and forcing the internet into the lives of everyone, I would think a study needs to be done to find out whether or not access to social media improves peoples lives. Maybe one has been done already. Would it be appropriate to give "tribal people living in the jungle" a view of hedonistic life in a city like Tokyo for example. They should indeed have the option available to them, and maybe the tribal chiefs will prefer not to be so exposed to the world around them. But I feel there are certain steps that need to be taken first - providing educational facilities/access to electricity and clean water etc. If I look at Bhutan for example, one of the poorest countries on the planet, but known for being one of the happiest countries on the planet. They recently got internet, and I have spoken to monks there who have smart phones, and they told me that access to internet has fostered negative traits such as greed, jealousy, even theft (as one monk had his phone stolen). They are not as happy as they were. At the same time I encountered children walking a 2 hour journey across dangerous mountain roads to school everyday. They need a school bus before social media.

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