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Experience - what is that? Hire me.

Experience - what is that? Hire me.I am 47 year old, recently graduated BBA from Finland. I have an extensive work experience and i have been working in numerous management level jobs. So, where is the problem? i am unemployed at the moment, despite that i have send hundreds application letters and got a few personal interviews back. Not enough. 

I feel that i am threaten as outdated and old but that should't be the case here. Or is it? Because, i have very recent BBA degree (27.5.2016) i would think that i should get a chance and btw. which i got under 2 years of studies (normally takes about 3,5 years). This shows motivation and dedication.

The one problem is how your CV is branding you. Because, i have a certain managerial level job history, hiring companies won't consider me to lover level jobs and hire those who have master degree or just precise work history. 

Hello, people who do hiring! 

* You learn your trade at work and specialize

* Only thing what maters is motivation and learned skill set with knowledge

 Give me a brake

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