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Energy Miracle or Rational Use of Energy

Energy Miracle or Rational Use of Energy

I know what you’re thinking, another article about saving the environment and keeping the Earth blah blah…Well, I’m afraid that not only the time is NOW for us to be extremely annoying, but it is critical to help spreading the message and actually start contributing in the perseverance of energy and eventually our gorgeous planet.

First, let’s get one thing straight. In case you didn’t know till now, not all of the energy that we use is renewable. Actually, the energy and the fuels that we use for our cars and industries cannot be renewed that easy like the wind or hydro energy. Mostly because it is expendable. Yes, it is estimated that for around 200 years, the resources of gas, petrol and carbon will completely vanish.

We are using way too much electric energy. People are just not rational anymore, and when they see their electricity bills, they freak out. You’re spending money and valuable source that can be used for something greater than watching TV or you put the light on in a room that nobody uses in that moment.

But I’m glad that we live in this day and age, where we can use solar power, we can use the energy of the wind, the energy of the water to create electric energy. But we also got to realize that saving that energy is equally important.

People should realize that any kind of energy that we use in our daily lives is extremely valuable and important, that they cannot just spend it for fun.

These valuable sources should be used for the sake of mankind, because not only “climate change” will keep happening, but the World will be starving for energy in the future if people keep wasting it like it’s limitless.

It is our duty to think for the future generations too, for Humanity. It is our obligation to save and produce energy for the future, to use it rationally, and keep finding new ways to generate even more energy, or as Bill Gates put it, we’ll definitely need an “Energy Miracle”.

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