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Peeping Into Employee's Life, Is That Fair?

Peeping Into Employee's Life, Is That Fair?

Knock knock! Who are you potential employee of mine!?

Do we need to know who are we hiring? Yes. Do we really need to peep into employee’s privacy? Perhaps, it might affect the company if something is overlooked. Let’s see.

From the moment of publishing advert for an available job position, employers should have a clear image of what kind of a person they want to hire, what person will bring productivity and growth. And eventually, who will fit the work culture and company’s reputation. Will he make it better, or he’ll destroy company’s name?

I am sure that any serious company wouldn’t want to hire someone with suspicious morale or someone who is doing something inappropriate in his private life. Even if these people are hired, if they do some mistake and get fired, the reputation of the company is still at risk after that. So yeah, employers kinda need to be interested in a person.

As employers, you should be interested in the private life of Your employees, from a simple reason that You as employers have the power to make their private lives better of worse.

And not just the employee, but perhaps you have his whole family on your back. And you got to have some flexibility here, I mean, we are human beings right?

Right. The employees that feel their personal and family priorities are accepted from their managers and bosses will be far more engaged in their work and more productive.

The employees who have kids and older family want to work in a company that recognizes their need to take care of their families.

A real manager will always find a way to engage his employees and motivate them while knowing the individual needs of each and every one of them. It’s nice to have a manager that actually listens to his employees and encourages an open communication, where mutual support will be given.

We need to make sure the employees know that it is alright for them to express themselves and ask for help or support. In the same time, employees need to be self-aware what will affect them the most in their productivity, and make sure that they’ll tackle that problem.

It’s good for employers and managers to give each other support, but it’s far from their job to solve everyone’s personal problems.

The employer’s interest in the personal life of the employee should lead to help him alternatively. We might really help if we only listen.