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The Challenges of Our Generation

The Challenges of Our Generation

It seems to me that the environmental and technological factors are deeply installed in the process of forming our future like never before. Techology combined with the economic development creates more connected world and dynamic world. In this era of connectivity and social, inevitable obstacles and issues are on our paths and all of these these changes can overwhelm us fast.

Inequality always existed as a problem for the majority of people. It comes in different forms like ideological, religious, age, sex, job position inequality etc. Too much judgment is based on the stereotypes that we have for people who are different than Us. Only a few can ever put themselves in someone else’s shoes and realize their point of view. Only when you’ll understand, then You can judge.

Do not hate what you don’t understand” - John Lennon

Environment is also a big issue, especially ecological threats that are all around us. We, as generation have the RESPONSIBILITY to make the ecological situation better for us, and to set the path for every future generation to have a planet that they’ll appreciate and take good care for her. So stop cutting trees and spend the limited resources of the Earth. Stop throwing plastic and garbage in the oceans, rivers and lakes. Be an example for everyone around You.

“We don’t have a society if we destroy the environment.” - Margaret Mead