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Why Young People Want to Move in Bigger Cities

                                     Why Young People Want to Move in Bigger Cities 

For young generations, a trip to a bigger city is something refreshing, modern and adventurous. More and more young people choose to live and work in a bigger city because it is such a big experience from which a lot can be learned, in terms of social, and professional aspect.

Moving to a bigger city means new cultures, a new set of values. The new surrounding and new people that we meet each day can also inspire us. Plus we learn how to deal with the most diverse type of people and how to handle with different conditions in different place. It broadens our mind.

Some of the bigger multinational companies are located in the bigger town, where bigger prospects for a future career is offered. Some of the biggest professionals and some of the most experienced giants of the industry that we desire to be in work for those companies, and those are the people from which we can learn how to do a top notch work.

Bottom line, we millennials as a generation, love the bigger cities because of the possibilities that they offer. That urban area, and dynamics that a bigger place has to offer can inspire us and provide us with the opportunities that we wish for.

P.S. Plus we are a generation that is keen to improve the environment and reduce pollution in bigger cities. But for that in some of my next articles.

Fell free to specify some other reasons why young people want to leave smaller cities and move into a bigger one. You can find me on Twitter @TolovskiMartin

Martin Tolovski Hace 1 d · #6

#5 Thanks Vasco. I know I'm prone to better environment :)

Vasco Gonçalves Hace 1 d · #5

Nice article.
Regarding that millennials are more prone to a better environment have to disagree with you. Everything depends on how much you are paid to do your job. Those "polluters" have also interesting and challenging jobs, and very often paying a lot more than "startups".

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Martin Tolovski 11/11/2016 · #4

#3 Yeah and everything is faster :)

Nelya Hapchyn 11/11/2016 · #3

Big cities give me energy.

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Martin Tolovski 11/11/2016 · #2

#1 True, more things to do in bigger city :)

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Aurorasa Sima 11/11/2016 · #1

Big cities are livelier, you can be and party more anonymous. Big cities just have a certain magic about them.