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From a Protagonist to OUTLAW

His eyes are set on blood, he observes red ubiquitous, petrified of anonymous distresses and nagged by beams of elation.

Obscure to him are the ties of kindred and occasions that reinforce it.

Long- lost contentment, serenity and composure, the vagrant in pursuit of sedation and tranquility. Edgy feverish sensation like a cat on hot bricks.

Displeasures abound, encompassing the ruthless ‘Desperado’ …persuading him to traverse places round cosmos to appease his self – engendered queer interrogation.

The miserable diurnal and nightly vista hitherto passing under his eyes stresses him to ponder and draw a parallel that links analogous despondencies and heartaches. He seeks adoration and affection because he had been put on trance by delusions that this heinous, nefarious fantasyland was the autochthonous abode of noncancerous propinquity. The outlaw, awestruck, under the notion kept on relinquishing and disseminating his own needs and desires. To gratify his aspirations he sustained to endure the advancing detriments till he found himself deluged in overwhelming jeopardy.

Shackled in treachery, blasphemy and next of kin egocentricity he was smashed into smithereens of wickedness, malevolence and vindictiveness making him and up at crossroads, to give his irrevocable verdict on endowing the token of loyalty, either to Lucifer or Isaiah.

The genesis of ‘Psychopath’ lies at this juncture. Subsequently all peripheries the Sun’s bright circle warms have been facing the Psycho’s ire.

From a Protagonist to OUTLAW

Lisa Gallagher Mar 7, 2017 · #2

Wow, this was great, and I agree so was the visual!

Pascal Derrien Feb 20, 2017 · #1

thats pretty good !!!! What a visual too !!!! :-)

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