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12 Essential Vastu Tips For Home No One Will Tell You

12 Essential Vastu Tips For Home No One Will Tell You

Vastu Shastra, this branch of ancient Indian architectural science enfolds realms of Vedic Astrology and positive living. Certain principles and measures related to home design and decoration can enhance the flow of positive energy in the house.

Home is one of the cosiest place that any individual looks forward to ease their emotional, economic or professional stress. Astrologer Guru Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that an optimistic homely environment can help charge a person's qualities like inner strength, calmness, confidence and power to face the challenges of outer world.

However, a disturbed aura at home or the flow of negative energy affects a person's overall performance, including the health, professional life, social circle, wealth and most importantly peace of mind.

Guruji claims that implementing and following Vastu tips can help resolve the concerns and let the energies flow freely.Following 12 essential Vastu tips are supposed to be applied in totality:

1. Airy, neat and clutter-free rooms

A clean and organized home passes down a sense of relaxation to its inhabitants. Ensure that you don't keep space occupied with stuff no longer in use or prefer having sufficient storage space in the house for locking away such things. This will help keep the rooms look neat and tidy. Open and airy rooms aid circulation of positive energy. Create open spaces where the family can sit together and enjoy happy moments and a healthy bonding.

2. Set a Vibrant mood with addition of colours

Plain white or cream colored walls bring in monotony, while adding colors to the house adds brightness, lifts the mood and enhances positivity in the surrounding. It is necessary to choose the right colors for the rooms, they shouldn't be too dark to aid negativity. You should choose subtle shades of blue, green and yellow that are soothing to the eyes and sets a vibrant mood. Avoid using black color and other bold shades like red and purple in excess. These extremely bright colors are believed to take away the peacefulness and tranquillity of the rooms.

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3. Bring in nature