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The Future Of Online Grocery Shopping

Gone are the days when one used to make frequent visits to the supermarket or the grocery shop to purchase their everyday needs. With the development of technology and with the emerging apps and websites, this situation no longer exists. Online grocery shopping is trending amongst many people. The online grocery market of Europe is assured of growth. The grocery market in Europe is valued at above trillion euro. Online grocery shopping offers amazing opportunities for the retailers, but somehow the development is not as fast as expected. There are a lot of factors that have an impact on the growth of online grocery shopping like the demand constraints, buying behavior, technical issues and others.

Europe is on the fence of Online grocery shopping

Just because European Online Grocery Shopping market is behind the curve by quite a margin, it does not mean that they don't love to do online grocery shopping. In fact, many of them love to save their time by doing online grocery shopping. But convenience is not the only factor considered by the consumers when it comes to online grocery shopping. They also look out for high-quality products, the range of products and their price.

The Future Of Online Grocery Shopping

The Growth of online grocery retail

According to a recent report, a few of the European countries marked remarkable growth in the online grocery sales. This reason for this growth was said to be the use of new business models and the entry of new players in the market. Such a growth lead to higher consumer adoption and increased market value.   

Demand constraints

The quality of the groceries acts as a major barrier for online consumers. Many would love to see and touch the products before buying them. The second reason that restricts online grocery shopping is the extra charges which the consumer is not willing to pay. And finally, the most important reason is people do not trust online payment methods.

Supply constraints

The retailers need to make substantial investments to be successful. A perfect product data exchange system needs to be in place to make the order manageable. Retailers in Europe face a major difficulty in choosing the most efficient business model. The lack of demand also affects the supply.

The rise of pick-up point network or click and collect in Europe

One of the highlights of the online grocery shopping in the recent years is the development of p