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Explode the pokies: the wretchedness and demolition of Australia's poker machines

In an altered concentrate from One Last Spin, Drew Rooke investigates one of the world's most rare, open and ruinous types of betting: Australia's poker machines. It`s much mor safety to play at home online at and Drew will support and playing slots.

Explode the pokies: the wretchedness and demolition of Australia's poker machines

Tim Freedman, the lead vocalist of the Australian musical gang The Whitlams, knocks some people's socks off when he enters the Coopers lodging in Newtown, in inward Sydney. Wearing an open darker calfskin coat over a plain captured shirt, dress jeans and cowhide shoes, he looks more like an educator than a hero. He has thick eyebrows, short turning gray hair, wrinkles underneath his darker eyes, and a thin band of stubble from ear to ear. As he sits down over the table by the front window, the barkeep prods his partner and focuses toward us.

Back in the 1990s, preceding Freedman was well known; bars were the place he invested a significant portion of his energy and performed the majority of his music. "I carried on with my life and led my vocation in bars," he says. He recalls there being unrecorded music in a few scenes in Sydney's inward west consistently.

The expulsion of stages, bars and feasting zones to make space for more poker machines – an undeniably lucrative income source – fuelled Freedman's worry. "Publicans thought, 'Goodness, this current here's the brilliant goose. Toss out the performers, and fill the place with pokies.' They thought every one of their Christmases had come immediately. They extremely coordinated their organizations towards them for a couple of years."