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Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                   "Have you ever had that particular client who is clearly fed up and wants to perform the goriest "fatality" of all times... ON YOU? "
Mauricio Villamil Betancourt.


                    Yes, we´ve all been there. Most of us know how it feels to be cut off, abruptly, by a customer so deeply frustrated by the "marketing bullshit" that the only way he sees to escape from it is just to tell the Community Manager (CM) to go fuck himself. Then (if you are on the phone with the client or monitoring social media) you grind, analyze the words and think: "That´s silly...I can´t fuck myself" ...

                   - Yes you can! - Says the nosy coworker who also makes you realize that you are thinking out loud.    

                   - Was that a clientzilla on the phone? - Asks Mr big nose

                   - Shut up... Bob (or whatever his name is. In my mind he is a Bob) That was the 154th pissed client and we are                       still two hours away from lunchtime  - You complain frustrated.

                   - Yea...That is crisis right there! This job sucks! - You ignore the c-sucker and try to keep on "surviving" your                         day and...

                   - About the "fuck yourself" part - He insists. 

                      You put on your earphones and play your @Spotify playlist on your @Iphone or @Samsung or @Sony or @Motorola or whatever brand you can afford (I can´t even