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Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                   "Have you ever had that particular client who is clearly fed up and wants to perform the goriest "fatality" of all times... ON YOU? "
Mauricio Villamil Betancourt.


                    Yes, we´ve all been there. Most of us know how it feels to be cut off, abruptly, by a customer so deeply frustrated by the "marketing bullshit" that the only way he sees to escape from it is just to tell the Community Manager (CM) to go fuck himself. Then (if you are on the phone with the client or monitoring social media) you grind, analyze the words and think: "That´s silly...I can´t fuck myself" ...

                   - Yes you can! - Says the nosy coworker who also makes you realize that you are thinking out loud.    

                   - Was that a clientzilla on the phone? - Asks Mr big nose

                   - Shut up... Bob (or whatever his name is. In my mind he is a Bob) That was the 154th pissed client and we are                       still two hours away from lunchtime  - You complain frustrated.

                   - Yea...That is crisis right there! This job sucks! - You ignore the c-sucker and try to keep on "surviving" your                         day and...

                   - About the "fuck yourself" part - He insists. 

                      You put on your earphones and play your @Spotify playlist on your @Iphone or @Samsung or @Sony or @Motorola or whatever brand you can afford (I can´t even afford my breakfast right now so, don´t be ashamed if you don´t have a high-end "smart" phone... I feel you baby. I feel you) and try to just keep on going. 

                      Anything is better than dealing with stranger´s frustrations and a weird coworker right? But, you have to do it. Because that is what you´ve trainned for and you have dreams only achievable if you have money in your bank account. That is the reason you studied so much and read so many books and blogs. The main reason you were hired in the first place and, let´s face it, when you´re good, it fucking pays well: judging by your immaculate new smile or your sexy JimmyChoo´s or your hot game console or those beautiful golf clubs!  But careful, is not only about the money.

By the way, if you want to know how much you can charge for your work you can visit this site. It will give you a pretty great approach on how much is your worth. Believe in it and you will get paid accordingly.
Mauricio Villamil Betancourt

                       Anyway. Some of us learned the leasson the hard way and changed our approach (inbound marketing methodology). But, there are still a lot of smart but lazy and agressive CMs out there who need to understand the deep damage they are creating. A CM needs to capitalize that he is a "Damage Control" agent. He needs to contain disaster and secure loyalty. Be the bridge that cannot be burnt. The scout (or lieutenant, captain, or a fucking general. Whatever your ego tells you to be) who is always in the line of fire. The ultimate curator and savior.

                    But, sometimes is not like that, at all. Sometimes, and we see it all the time and everywhere, CMs put their feet in their mouths, ¿Or their fingers in their asses? (whatever gross analogy you want). Sometimes we have a good laugh in their expense. Other times they´d make us gringe. But either way, funny or not, those fuckups can´t be allowed but, will  show us the wrong practices of the digital marketing professionals.

                    We need to be diligent about these behaviors we are seeing on Social Media everyday and learn that they are only and just human mistakes but, you can´t emulate them. Not once. Not ever. You don´t want to lose your job and deal with online trolls for months to come right?

                    We think a fuckUp will go away, eventually. Well, in our case, it doesn´t. It only takes one person to remember the embarrasment and it is hell lose all over again. They will make you their bitch and It won´t be pretty. Not for you and most importantly, not for the product or brand you are managing. If you didn´t lose your job.

Here is a short list of those FUCKUPS Community Managers make: 

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make


FuckUp #5


               You´ve probably seen this one making rounds on the social media. I decided to include it in this list simply because it has to be in it. I mean. We all are in need of followers. We seek them. We track them down. We study them. Lure them into our social media. We need as many as we can get. Is like a damn addiction. The more we have the more we want. Too many is never going to be too much. But as much as we fool ourselves by having millions of followers it doesn´t mean they are all real to @Twitter (which is the important one in the equation). 

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                Those millions (I wish I had millions) might sound great for us, our brand and our client but, if they are not real they are just an embarrasment to our account and our jobs as social media monitors. It is a BFF (Big Fat Fail). That is why I decided never to buy followers, block the spammers (by the hundreds) and gain followers the old fashion organic way: one-by-one by interacting with them. Is the best way to ensure they are real and for me it worked beautifully. It takes more time, sure. But you will get this as a result: A healthy real account. If you want to know how healthy and real your account is right now click on the image below:

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                    Now, as I was saying. Avoid buying followers and identify the bots, the fake accounts and the spammers. Block their asses off your account. And never lower your guard on them. Never. Oh! and something that is very important. Interact with your followers. Let them know that you are as real to them as they need to be to you. Appreciate the time they spend "heartening" and retweeting you and retweet back. Interact.


FuckUp #4

Engage in a Fight

                      This one might seem obvious to avoid but, not so much when it comes to a reactive personality. If you are a community manager who has a temper you are fucked. Beware of the trolls and unsatisfied costumers (They are the majority in the market. Know that and you will be fine) So, if you don´t want your bile to bitter your mouth and make you sick for the rest of the day or week, you better learn how to keep it cool, suck it up, and stay out of trouble. Put to good use all your knowledge on emotional intelligence. Put yourself in the other person´s shoes and be higher than the problem. Find all the possible approaches and deal the best way with that unhappy person

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                      Remember; something in our product or service made this person really unhappy. Do not make it worst. According to 17 professionals of digital marketing and community management asked by there are the same number of ways to deal with unhappy costumers. (Read the link)

                      These are a few: Do not react first. Find the median between needs. Be always on their team. Do not disagree right away. Let them lead to a solution. Apologize and pay attention to them. Listen to their needs, try your best to really be present and pay attention. That is all they need, attention. 

                      But (there is a huge but) as a disclaimer here on my part (and a strict personal experience) there are a lot of toxic people making rounds on the social media; and these people are all about trying to make your life miserable. They get their kicks out of it. Hell, they surely get aroused by just fucking your day up. But if you engage, believe me you are really fucked and they win.

                      It happened to me once. The client was mine. I wasn´t woking for a company. It was all about my services (which I belive are great because I do know how to deliver a good satisfying service and also know how to handle these people) but that particular time that woman wasn´t willing to meet with me in the middle of the whole situation and kept on coming for my jugular. Two hours later (two fucking hours) I had it up to my balls; opened my mouth and magically said: "You know what lady? FUCK YOU! and cut off the call. She tried to call back and I just blocked her ass from my phone. I called my lawyer, asked him to go to her office refund her fucking money and had her sign a release contract. And that was it.  But, AMIGOS, DO NOT DO THAT. I mean, really DON´T.



Trying To Be Omnipresent

                       This one here will give you the worst headache. Some (media specialists) think that knowing all the social media available out there in the ciberspace and even the darkweb (some of us suffer from "hacker" delusion syndrome) will help them place their brand or company on the map; and that will result in more prospects and leads. That they are, for some reason, capable of the allmighty tricks in managing their presence in every single one of those socialnetworks. Well, I invite you to try it once and lose clients forever and you know that once you lose a client they will not come back knocking at your door. Then you fucked up.

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                        There is no need to open an account in every single social media there is. But, some media strategists think that by doing so, they will cover a wider segment of the market. If you are one of those social-media-hoarders you are hurting your brand and your client´s company and/or product. Stop it. 

                         Your brand does not have to be in every single social network. It doesn´t need to. All you need, to have a good robust presence in social media, is to identify your niche and aim to that market. Open the accounts on the corresponding social network and stay focused on them. A maximum of Ten of the Most Relevant is a good healthy strategy. I only have seven (and one for the naughty alter-ego) for the moment: Bebee (of course), Facebook, LinkendIn, Twitter, Instragram, Skype and Whatsapp. I used to have snapchat but I haven´t been able to overcome my low self-esteem in front of the camera and that is why and I wasn´t able to get the most out of it so, I just closed it.

                         Never forget, our jobs are time consuming, having ten of the most popular social networks is work enough. Do not torpedo your own life. Don´t try to be always working. You have a life to live. 



Don´t You Dare to CopyCat Someone Else´s Content You Mother$%#&r

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                          Right! .. I know what you all are thinking: "This is not news at all. Every marketing topic has been covered and published... even this one". Hell, that is why Google created and killed Google Authorship in the first place and duplicity is the reason why there are so many copycat checkers online, so you can always be sure you are not being plagiarized. 

                          There is a wide difference between writing about the same topic and to "Copycat" someone else´s content.  But, according to " Even if you use a plagiarism tool to check that your content is 100% “unique” (according to a formula)… it isn’t".  So, what do we do to prevent this from happening? The answer is actually very simple: Invest in hiring "A" person or a full team who will dedicate their time and effort to actually write your content, or just fucking write it yourself. It can be a hassle sometimes but at least you will be the one fully aware and responsible for that content.

                          If you are not willing to spend money to make money then you are wasting time and effort. Don´t hire those services that promote "original" content. They will copycat and will hurt your brand, and even your SEO and website or blog. Have always in mind: Google penalizes duplicated content. Search for techniques that can help you detect and prevent the duplication of your content. Don´t ever forget: You will never have a successful blog or website if you copycat someone else´s shit.



Taking Clients Just For Money

                        We all need THE money. That is a fact. Irrefutable. Whoever says money is not what makes us happy and gives us stability is a damn monk; and even they need money to live their "frugal" lives. Nothing is free. Well, some things are but, they are all the romantic ones, not the practical-vital ones (except the air. But, Im sure they would charge us the air we breathe if they knew how to come up with the algorithm to do so.  Hell, can you believe in some places they are making it ilegal to have solar panels or to collect rainwater?) You get my point. 

                       But, money cannot be the beacon guiding you. Because if you are just in it for the money, you will end up taking clients with brands you might not relate to or understand and that is a mediocre none ethical way of working. 

Top 5 Of FUCKUPs Community Managers Make

                       Mark Twain also said: "The lack of money is the root of all evil". And I agree, completely. If you are in this business only for the good bucks you are signing in for failure. Even if you know all the magic-fail-safe formulas by heart eventually you will FUK IT UP for you and for your client. So here are a few pointers to have in mind that will help you keeping your ass out of trouble:

That is it, I guess. If you think I should cover more on this topic please follow me on twitter @maurobetancourt and let me know your approach or invite me to write on your blog. That would be cool. 

                     Disclaimer: Know that English is not my mother tounge and I make grammar mistakes and typos. If you see one or twenty, please point them at me, gently, and I will learn and improve. Gracias. ;)