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A patient mind reaps the greatest reward

That’s Karmic Law which means it’s how existence actually works and there are no shortcuts around it and any book anywhere that says different is flat out wrong.

It’s why these people who are posting these posters that say good things come to those who go work their ass off is about the most moronic thing I see on a regular basis as it is exactly the opposite of how the universe actually works which means these people have no clue what they are talking about and are actually inflicting great amounts of deceptive harm.

Poster quotes such as that create the worst kind of addiction there is on this planet, workaholics are people who never switch off and never ever actually live their life. They turn themselves into machines who will succeed at all costs and then give up more than they know in their pursuit.

Patience exercised is patience cultivated.

When one applies patience to ones thoughts and actions one sees it’s value in the results. My dad always told me to work smarter not harder. It takes a patience mind to find the most efficient way to accomplishing anything. It takes patience to achieve true mastery and provide something of quality with a priceless value that one puts a price tag on anyway. You don’t achieve quality and you don’t become the best of you without great amounts of patience.

One who waits is a fool or wise depending on what it is they are waiting for.

The fool waits only long enough to find the next logic task.

The wise waits to see if a better way can be found.

In waiting the fool is waiting to be fed.

In waiting the wise are looking for better ways to feed themselves.

The fool exercises needed patience often out of lack of options.

The wise rarely need patience as it becomes their mode of life.

If one is to give the Universe a fair shot at manifesting something for them it takes patience to stay out of the way.

Figure out your desire and than let it go and do as the Beatles sang and let it be.  Trying to cheat the system or speed things up because you really want it and never letting go of the desire distorts it and perverts the manifestation to teach you to let it go and let it be.

Patience is selflessness and impatience is selfishness. Often in life what we are waiting on in order for an easier transition of our story that is our life is for other characters to be ready themselves. When we rush and allow the not so perfect fit be what we take because we don