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Academic Vs Experienced

Just who in the blue holy fuck do you think you are?

That is the question that can can come up when we hear or read something we don't like.

It is usually something that is counter to what we hold dear as far as knowledge and/or understanding of it.  No one likes to be wrong and it is difficult to respond instead of react. Before one can respond one has to let what was said sink in and think about it to attempt to understand why it was said as well as what was said. 

One who refuses to let it sink in reacts from a defensive stance. 

The nature of the question itself is to discredit the source so the message can be ignored or fought. 

Debate is a fight. 

If you can't provide a counter and choose to ignore what was said you have shown how exactly how true it was and you lost the fight. 

Currently the most important war on the planet is a war of ideas. 

A war with many sides as there are many with ideas to be heard and evaluated. 

A war has one rule, win at all costs. 

That's what war is. 

The planet is going through an evolution of thought. 

This is what fuels the war. 

The two main factions in this war are those who desire to keep things as they are with the same social hierarchies that allow people to act as authority and use this delusion of having a place of prominence to use behavioral abuse to maintain this delusion of authority. 

The other side is tired of the oppression and seeks new avenues that allow all to flourish and destroys the idea of authority and replaces it with leadership. 

Authority is abuse driven. 

In order to have your authority mean something you have to provide examples in the way of actions that show there are consequences for going against the authority. 

It's the only way to keep oneself seen as the authority because their punishments get carried out. This creates a fear response in order to keep the masses docile and make anyone think twice about challenging the authority of whoever has decided they are the authority. 

Academia is one of the most abusive environments one can be in. The constant fight for recognition and funding of ones research will cause one to act as if one thinks one is an authority and one will engage in abusive behavior to maintain that delusion of authority. 

This retards progress as now those who are supposed be leading the way of progress will stunt it with will and intent to protect their precious research that they hope is going to fund their life. 

History shows that there are many many times where progress was made because one rejected academic authority. One went against the authority and found something better. This threatens the lives of the academics who build their life with the idea of becoming an authority in their field. 

History also shows many of these people who made progress were often abused at first by the academic community. Shunned and treated as if they were crazy. 

It is the authority driven