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Affinity Networking and The Psychospirilosophy View

I have been studying this by experiencing it. 

I think understand it now and how it works. 

I recently decided to make beBee the home for The Church of Rock 'N' Roll Pick me Up playlist. An effort to use this Affinity Marketing thing to bring people from across the world together with a common purpose to share a song that helps them turn it around when they turn it on. I will be building a playlist on Spotify with the results as they come in.

To me this felt like a good use of the social setting to market something I actually care about on a global level in a community I felt it would be well received and supported though participation. It took me long time to make this decision to use beBee as the platform for this. I could have used Linkedin or any number of outlets. 

Here's why I chose beBee after months of studying it from the inside. By the way you can find the article to post your favorite song that turns your frown upside down on my profile. 

Here's a reminder for those at home who might be new to what I do. 

Psychospirilosophy is a tool I use to figure my shit out. Here's how it works. 

Psychology: I think any would agree it's a worthwhile thing to understand why one is doing anything from a psychological perspective. 

Spirituality: Have something, I do not care what and I am the Rock Shaman so if I didn't write it I am going to quote music or film to avoid offending your spiritual choice. 

Philosophy: To me this is the talk we tell others we walk. The sayings we create or quotes we use to guide us. 

Like any other social environment, online or otherwise the behavior is not surprising. Popularity is an easy game to play and it gets played out well here as any other place it could be played out. No place is immune. 

beBee does a good job of discouraging troll behavior and personal attacks on it's members which create that sense of security we search for. When I did bring up an issue John White was very immediate in his offering of assistance to put an end to it. That creates trust through action versus words. 

I didn't always feel this way about beBee and it was John's actions that got me to see maybe I could let go of the past and start over with beBee so to speak. 

I said let go of the past. 

If I was to bring up the past it would mean I using it to justify anything I am saying now. For me this evaluation for where I would launch a project I care about started over. We can only move forward when we let go of what is holding us back. 

From a psychological perspective I had an experience that would have made me want to do this somewhere else, however the company responded in a way that allowed me to feel as though this is a safer environment than most for this project. That action allowed me to let go of bias and personal judgment. 

You look at launching something you care about from within a social media environment and tell me you don't judge.

Spiritually speaking I feel as though my spirituality and everyone else's is not really an issue. People are able to discuss the subject and be respectful for the most part. That allows for faith to grow regardless of the faith any might have.

That makes it a solid environment to launch something from when you are called The Church of Rock 'N' and people get it's not a real church. This allows me to be unified in mind, body and spirit about making the decision. 

I have always said what I think is subject to change, however how I think never changes. Take in everything and evaluate accordingly. When new information is taken in, re-evaluate accordingly. 

Nope, not a hypocrite here. 

This is how much impact one simple action can make and I I thank you John for the impact you made that day that got me to re-evaluate what I think and led us to where we are here and now. 

The other thing that got me to do it here is when Javier beat me at my own game and out Rock Shamaned me on a post. 

I figured if the guy at the top will understand what I am doing, it will roll down hill. It was that shared moment of a shared love of music that made beBee the easy choice to start the first Church of Rock 'N' Roll playlist building events. 

Javier has been trying to market beBee to me for days and he finally did through his participation in beBee not talking about it. Again it's the actions that made the decision easy. 

No one at beBee had any idea I was going to be doing this. It's because of that I got an honest look at Javier and team as they continue to build and refine and watch the results as they happen before all our eyes.  

I think I get it now. Anybody think I missed something? 

Affinity Networking and The Psychospirilosophy View

Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #7

#6 I dig this choice and here'the story why.

In metaphor from an other side perspective think of light and dark and a silver line that binds them together and keeps them separate and at the end of the line is a woods.

I spent a long time in those woods looking for girl I swore was there. But alas i never found her.

This song took right back through that journey. Thanks for sharing it @Javier beBee

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Javier 🐝 beBee 24/11/2016 · #6


The Cure - A Forest (Live 1992) on beBee

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Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #5

#4 Thank you @Javier beBee where is you contribution on the Pick Me Up playlist comments? hahaha.

I feel ya, music is what gets me through most things. begins and my every day. It's the best way to examine how someone thinks when they the story of why this one is one of they can't live without or is a go to at this or that time in life.

The conversations about our favorite music are every bit the explorations we go on with our favorite music.

When you connect on music, I find you can generally find there is a much deeper connection waiting to be revealed.

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Javier 🐝 beBee 24/11/2016 · #4

@Max Carter I am very happy that you are enjoying beBee. I love the idea of "The Church of Rock 'N' Roll Pick" hive. It is a great affinity-based hive to bring people from across the world together with a common purpose to share a song that helps them turn it around when they turn it on. I love music. I need music. I recommend these two great hives :

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Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #3

#2 Thank you @John White, MBA , have a great holiday.

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John White, MBA 24/11/2016 · #2

@Max Carter, you made my day, man. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Max🐝 J. Carter 24/11/2016 · #1

@John White, MBA and @Javier beBee. Thank you for changing my mind you two.

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