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Caught in your creation as it’s seen through your third eye

THIRD EYE by Florence and the Machine is not only on The Church of Rock 'N' Roll playlist, it also is one I use frequently to kick off my “Turn the mirror inward” playlist I listen to each night as I recenter myself. Here’s why.

Hey, look up!
Don’t make a shadow of yourself,
Always shutting out the light.
Caught in your own creation.

Our life, whether we like it or not is something of our own creation. Science has proven in recent years that our thoughts do indeed create our reality. We have a shared reality and that means this world as it is, we created it.

That means that we are responsible for each others reality as much as we are our own. 

We can keep creating and create better than we’ve done.

Hey, look up!
You don’t have to be a ghost,
Here amongst the living.
You are flesh and blood!
And you deserve to be loved and you deserve what you are given.

So many feel like they’re stuck in the background and no one notices. Fuck that noise.

Too often we question the good things that come to us in life.

Too often we are looking for romantic love we forget to feel the love without romance all around us.

We are love at the core of our souls and to feel the love we give the love.

‘Cause your pain is a tribute
The only thing you let hold you
Wear it now like a mantle
Always there to remind you

If you never cared it wouldn’t hurt.

As long as you let it hurt, you definitely give a shit.

There is no escaping that.

As long you mask that hurt with anger, you ain’t dealin’ with jack shit or letting go of anything.

As long as you keep you there, there’ ain’t nobody that is gonna be getting close to you any time soon . You keep that reminder going so you revel in the pain that gives the reason to get angry and feel powerful.

As long as we own the pain we have a reason to hate.

‘Cause there’s a hole where your heart lies
And I can see it with my third eye.
And oh my touch, it magnifies</