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Empaths and Relationships

I have spent a good deal of time in the last 4 years mentoring Empaths and teaching them to manage their gift better. Many Empaths prior to realizing their being often get misdiagnosed with bipolar. In the many I’ve counseled there is a distinct pattern that emerged, relationship hell.

Whether it is a man or a woman every Empath I have dealt with all say the same thing “people tell me all the time they feel drawn to me and feel as though they can trust me instantly.”

Here’s why this happens.

On a subconscious level the individual who feels drawn to the Empath is often someone who has some emotional issues they are ignoring. It is often there is a traumatic or series of traumatic events that have taken place in their life. An Empath will take on the full measure of the pain associated with that event or events and the individual will feel really good and not understand why. They will always want to talk to the Empath when things are not going well and won’t consciously realize it in most cases that they are using the Empath to dump their emotional pain into whi