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From the Light to the Pit and back

When it came time 

To let my light shine

I was afraid, yes it’s true

And I dove into the Pit out of view

I feared myself to be

A false light that would mislead thee

In the Pit was where I thought I belonged

Though to be in the Light was what my heart longed

I put on a Silver mask

For my next task

To see from every view

That my light was true

I took off my mask

For my next task

To be in the light

Day and night

Never to deceive

No matter the spell I weave

I’ll never really forget

What I saw in the Pit

It showed me how to be

A better light for thee

A better teacher

Never a preacher

A better guide

To help you reveal what is inside

Yes it’s true, the light in me is the light in you

Shine for me and I’ll shine for you

From the Light to the Pit and back