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From zero to one, binary to analog conversion creates existence

If you have ever paid attention to anything of the new age spiritual industry you will notice that the term sacred geometry plays heavily. 

First, that there is a spirituality industry complete with courses for certification to show how spiritual you are is the opposite of what spirituality is. That they put on seminars and ask you for cash up front is the opposite of what spirituality is. They are selling you religion and their brand of it using marketing techniques to hit on your emotional triggers to get you to buy in to what they are selling. 

 If you have to put a price tag on it, it is worthless to those who buy it. Here's why. 

The manipulating lie is that you have to invest money in order for it to have meaning. Bullshit. 

Any who has true desire to learn and grow will never be handicapped by cash and understand what it means to truly invest. 

Those who need it to cost money don't see the true investment required to grow and learn. 

That which is priceless is given to those who will receive freely. Wisdom can't be learned in a book or a seminar it must be lived or it is blind foolishness. 

One who asks for payment up front has no faith in what they provide and know it be valueless. 

An enlightened one does not seek to make a slave of other ones or judge them for not being able to pay the price. When one refuses service due to lack of money one passes judgement and condemns those who cannot pay the price. 

That's spirituality. 

If what you put into it is money all you get out of it is what you paid for. 

Spirituality has no price tag but to live and grow and be open to that growth. 

If you need to market it and use emotional triggers to sell it then you are creating false value to take advantage of those who don't know any better. 

Now on to why sacred geometry is a pretty lie no matter how many people agree to the lie. 

Trusting mass consensus is a danger to one and all ones. A mass of people is limited to the ability of the lowest intellect to understand among the mass of people. 

The smallest thing in existence is a singularity and at the center of the universe is a singularity. 

Gravity is what holds our cells together, holds out world together, holds existence together. An object is affected by the strongest force of connected gravity. 

How does the gravity know what to hold together to give it a form?

Binary consciousness making yes and no decisions to apply gravitational force based on the result of the decision. This is why there is a chaos factor that makes an actual full definition of existence impossible as it is always in a state of change and all variables are variable and thus there are no constants. 

Light particles have mass and therefore are affected by gravity and the speed of light is not constant, it is variable based on the strongest force of gravity in play. 

This does mean that the theory of relativity is wrong. It is based on light being constant and that is a lie. 

This means time does not actually exist except as a fable we created to make sense of our memories and changes in the physical world around us. 

Even Karmic Law says all that exists is now. 

That literally means there is no time, only space governed by gravitational forces to keep the chaos of existence in some kind of cohesive order. Or to say one would never travel in a time machine to another time one would travel to a location across 4th dimensional space to the location of the even they wish to visit.