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Groups, hives, discussions and validation

Why do we post stuff anywhere?

It doesn't matter if it's Facebook, Beebee, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest or any one of the other social media platforms we post stuff to have other people read it to validate our existence in cyber space. 

Social media feeds the fame whore that exists within us all. We deny this whore exists and throw up a myriad of other excuses as to why we post anything. 

We feel validated by the number of likes and shares and by the comments people make. 

It's why when someone disagrees with us it creates an issue within for most of us. 

Here we are showing you our claim to fame and why we matter here in cyberspace and then comes along someone who disagrees. This threatens the validation we are feeling and now we have to stop and think. It takes hard work to stop and think  to respond instead of react. That hard work takes energy and can be extremely tiring. 

A few years ago when I wanted to see if how I see things was valid, I found the biggest stage I could to seek that validation for myself. I spent the next year in a group of over 500,000 worldwide. I debated with PhD's in psychology, philosophy, physics and other areas. I debated with CEOs, would be gurus and people from every profession and walk of life and from all over the world. 

I studied the environment I was in discussion after discussion for over a year. A lot of the material I have been writing was born from those discussions and debates in virtually every topic one could think of. 

I studied the troll as I faced many of them. 

I study as I do in everything I do as my doing is often my learning.  

I am a Master Medium. I use what I call the liquid ego to stay present during channeling to cut it off if it is something I do not personally agree with. 

I do not blindly allow an entity that cannot be confirmed or denied to have access to me to say whatever it wants. I check everything before I allow it to go out with my name on it 

That which I channel is not seeking reverence for itself or it would demand I use a name for it. I was born with the ability to surf the Universal Consciousness allowing to me to answer the question "Why is this like this" to a lot of things. I spent years of my life learning what to avoid and what to avoid listening to and what to not allow to channel through me. 

This is why I have often said I learn by teaching and there are times when what I am writing is the first time I have heard it too. 

If I was a narcissist it would be impossible for me to admit that a lot of it flows through me. 

If I was a narcissist it would be impossible for me to acknowledge the Karmic Law of reaping as we sow and I would insist I am different and the law does not apply and I should be able to avoid reaping from a particular sowing because of who I am. 

Anytime we demand we should not have to face the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions we are engaging in narcissistic behavior saying we are an exception to the rule. We are demanding others face those consequences for us as we create a superior idea of who we are based in delusion.

We become delusional and anyone who would say different becomes the enemy as we seek to avoid dealing with the consequences. 

You can replace the word consequences with the idea of having to feel the effect of our thoughts words and actions. 

For some people that is seen as dire consequence they wish to avoid. 

A liar never wants to feel the suffering they inflict through their lies. 

The most important lesson I learned over the year I spent seeking validation was that I am valid and have no need to seek validation. 

Why do I write and participate in social media?

I noticed I happen to have a lot to teach and that those who are willing to learn appreciate not having to jump through a bunch of hoops or pay a price I demand in order to learn what I have to share. 

If I was a narcissist I would not have been able to write that last sentence. I would demand you pay this dollar amount before I share what I have learned. I would hold the wisdom hostage for a price of my choosing or what I could convince you to give me. 

Social media is the greatest place to learn without having pay on demand. 

It's the greatest place to teach without the overhead of a building and stuff like that. 

I recommend exercising patience and questioning everything you read and watch and hear including everything I write. 

Groups, hives, discussions and validation

There's a monumental difference between belief and truth. 

You can choose to ignore the truth in favor of a belief. 

A singular truth has infinite expressions. 

A belief has one. 

One will kill for a belief and one will die for a truth. 

One will feel just in inflicting suffering based on belief. 

Truth seeks to end long suffering. 

We seek to validate our beliefs.

The truth we share because it applies to all and needs no further conjecture or validation. 

Groups, hives, discussions and validation

Max Carter 23/11/2016 · #2

#1 I would disagree with Neitzche. to say there are no facts is to say there are no truths. It is an absolute truth that there is an absolute truth to each and everything . While it can expressed in many ways n can only be interpreted as truth.

The truth has many faces or it could not be expressed in multiple ways,.

Get what you out into it. .

Reap what you sow

What you put out will comeback.

3 faces of the same truth. . To say a truth has only face is to make a belief out of it and limit to only expression and not factual existence.

Belief is interpretation with emotional value placed on it in the name of solidifying an unwilling to change ego expression or identity or who you think you are.

Mohammed Sultan 23/11/2016 · #1

@ Max Carter.Thanks for sharing.Our beliefs have only one facet and,so too, the truth, but we sometimes forget the fact and run with our idea to validate it. The truth doesn't need any force to pass it,but the interpretations do.To shed out our beliefs we have to replace them with knowledge and when our thoughts reflect our feelings they will represent the right way to go and the sound decision to make. Nietzche quoted "there are no facts ,only interpretations".Everybody should look for what is ,and not what he thinks should be-as Einstein quoted.

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