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How does the Ego Process work?

The moment we begin to make choices based on preference is the moment we begin to define who we think we are. This is the process of the ego that is in a constant state of refinement no matter how old we live to be. One part of our identity that is given to us is our name.

We live with that without ever thinking about it.

In the early stages of life we have that power of choice taken from us. Some of us discover it and use it wisely and others learn the hard way. Depending on the choices made for us that we are forced to live with, can and will play a significant role in developing who we say we are. We often define ourselves through our experiences.

I did this.

I am that.

I feel this.

I think that.

All statements of identity. These statements are also our way of announcing our existence and our reason for being in this moment that never ends.

That’s mine.

We make early associations with possession as a form of identity.

I drive this kind of car.

I own this.

I have that.

Announcing we have claimed this as part of our existence and how we define it. We start doing this at such a young age that the idea of selfish and sacrifice is something that either is in the imprint or not. They behavior often starts before speech develops. The reason it is so hard to break these behaviors is due to the emotional imprint and sustained exposure to the source of that imprint.

I’m not saying there is not an approach to adjust these behaviors as recognized throughout development, I’m merely speaking in generality.

The Ego is a process in which the conscious and subconscious minds work in unison to create the idea of who think you are. There is no war for supremacy and there is no super ego for the ego to do battle with. The mind as a whole operates like an advanced computer and the subconscious mind is the operating system while the conscious mind is the desk top so to speak.

We have reprogrammable operating system that allows or denies changes to be made by the program being run at the conscious level that is the Ego expression that is in a constant state of refinement or change.

Change is existence and existence is change.

In earlier pieces I have compared the subconscious mind to a singularity or black hole. It is always taking in everything we expose ourselves to. These are the seeds that are planted within us. The subconscious mind is constantly making background decisions to determine what to do with it all.

The subconscious mind works in metaphor, memory and emotions tied to metaphors. When someone is telling you a story you see your own memories to show you understand the underlying concepts and to their choice of emotion to apply to the event in their life.

Those with a higher level of empathic sensitivity can during this take on those emotions. The best defense any one has from taking on the emotions of another is to resolves your own issues. To look at that memory you once applied the same emotion to and no longer choose to apply it.

Every one of us has a certain level of empathic sensitivity. Some people have a higher level of sensitivity than others. Those that have the highest levels of sensitivity would classify as Empath. This classification means that your sensitivity is so high you take on the emotions of those around you without interaction at the conscious level.

The Empath who is unaware of their higher level sensitivity will often be searching their memories for a reason to feel the way they do. They are often misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or depression. As a defense mechanism an Empath can become apathetic to avoid taking on the emotions of those around them. Totally detached from the idea of feeling however very capable of reading the emotions of others.

This is not a good or a bad thing, it simply is.

It’s the experiences that are had and stored in the subconscious that offer the choices of what to do in any given moment to the conscious mind. These choices are the actions and words that define our character.

This coupled with the emotional imprint we get from our parents is the building blocks of our identity.

Our subconscious mind is constantly making comparisons using our memories to give us options to do something at any given moment in time based on the current environment and the things we say we want to do. Let’s take a dive to see what that can look like.

As an infant we learn to respond to our name. We learn if we make this noise we get this. We are driven by the instinct to survive and on the subconscious level we are taking in everything around us and storing it away for later use. The emotional energy we are around is also going into the imprint of who we are becoming. Environment in this stage plays a big part in who we become as we grow.

As we learn to speak it gives us more options within our environment to express our desires. The experiences we have tell us what we might want to do or not do in order to accomplish whatever goal we have set for ourselves.

Every time we speak we are refining our operating system. The more aware we become of that, the more access we start to gain and the faster refinements can be made. This also provides the opportunity for larger adjustments or changes in the ego expression to be made in shorter time frames.

If knowledge is power, than wisdom is understanding.

It takes experience to truly understand any knowledge. Knowledge is only needed to explain understood concepts or to get into the details of a concept. We often allow ourselves to think that we need to amass knowledge in order to understand and many get lost in the academic pursuit of acquiring knowledge and never take the theory into living.

Wisdom is the balance of logic and theory coupled with the feeling of real life experience. One has no greater value than the other and one without the other is without wisdom.

We experience life to grow wise enough to one day follow our own advice because we have learned to balance logic and emotion within in ourselves as we live our lives.

It’s not only what you’re watching these days, it goes all the way back to what you were in the room for while in the womb. The emotional imprint of you in the womb is always building and everything your mother is exposed to, you are exposed to as well.

That is an understanding that explains a lot about us in who we became before we ever even had a name.

Now let’s out get out of the womb and even though we may not have comprehended what was on the screen we still took it in. Everything we are exposed to influences our choices in who we choose to be. 

Even if you don’t have kids you are still a role model every time one sees you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not.

It doesn’t matter if you like it.

It is inescapably true and you can look back to your childhood at the adults you saw doing the things you do now to understand that.

You can’t argue it.

You can complain about it all you want, however it will never change.

When it comes to human development we do more damage to more children than we really know simply with what children see us doing even if they are not our kids.

With that in mind as we think about refining our ideas so social acceptability we accept a social contract of behavior that most of us can agree on. Not a set of rules or laws, a common sense approach to life centered on developing a well-adjusted and productive society that works at getting along and understands we are one human family.

This is not about censorship or limiting the exploration of certain concepts within our entertainment. It’s about building better ideas in how we live that allow for children to discover things at a time in life that they are better emotionally ready to handle. It’s about making it harder to fine porn not easier.

This is an easy issue to pick on. Sex is used to sell everything. Porn is easy to find and requires no age verification.

Think about your own earliest exposures to sex or the idea of sex and how it affected you and who you became over the course of your life. Each of us will have a tale to tell that we may or may not want to share openly. Too many of us have horrific memories when it comes to the first exposure to sex.

How about violence?

Does our thirst for blood come from our constant exposure to it in our entertainment in every form?

Do we have violence in every form of our entertainment due to our thirst for blood?

Both sides of the issue have to be examined in order for us to even come close to understanding the issue. The same can be said for sex. Has the sexual marketing turned us in sex addicts or are we sex addicts naturally and this is how we show it as a species?

Let me use myself as an example because one of you might sue me if I used you. Besides I came to understand most of this by following the words of Aristotle who said “To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Psychospirilosophy is the tool I use. It simply stated is a tool that says “It is important to understand from a psychological standpoint why you do the things you do so you can give yourself options to do something about it. We are spiritual beings wrapped in flesh and whatever your connection to what you feel god is, is yours, enjoy it. The philosophy of our lives is the things we talk that we attempt to walk.”

There are no rules as it is about creating understanding from within as to why you do anything you do. It’s taking the mirror and turning it inward to see how what you have taken in could be coming out in weird ways that has you trying to figure out what in the blue hell is going on.

If you look throughout human history sex and violence has always been prevalent in culture. We are savages with the ability to choose to behave in ways that are about being a part of an ecosystem that supports our continued existence. The psychological makeup of each of us plays heavily into the shared reality that is.

It is a shared reality with each having an equal role in creating this reality we all share. In basic terms we are also a monkey see monkey do kind of species. To have the shared reality change it takes a change in who we are and what we are truly projecting with our every thought, word and action.

What we take in and allow to take root will grow within us and someone if not many will reap from that sowing.

We do reap what we sow no matter how much we may want to try and avoid it. What we allow to be sown within us is also what we reap in the path it leads us down in life.

Think about that and the intent you put behind watching that next TV show or movie or you tube clip. Think about it as you’re listening to the lyrics in the music. Think about it as you’re looking around at what is going on around you.

You’re taking it all in anyway so why not take some time to see if you really want to be taking it in to have it project later or if you might want to change your location.

As children we have very little choice over this and this is when our imprint for later life is being affected the most. This is where the deep rooted seeds are planted and the issues reside that we will either resolve later in life or ignore and allow to define our existence.

What you take in and allow to take root will profoundly affect your ability to unlock the behavioral cipher lock on your DNA in order to become your full potential.

What you allow yourself to be influenced into thinking can either speed this process up or slow it way down.

The easiest way to slow yourself down is to give your power over to one of these new age people who wrote a book and built a system.

This process can also be called the awakening process. Any Awakening guide or coach who is legitimate will not give you a set time or number of sessions that it can be done in. Any legitimate Awakening coach will be aimed at empowering you to understand your inner journey and they merely provide the mirror reflection to check yourself against as you truly guide yourself through the process.

This would be my note to be very careful about who you watch on you tube and what you read and always question if it truly makes sense to you or if you are looking for a crutch or easy way to do it.

How does the Ego Process work?

Max🐝 J. Carter 26/11/2016 · #7

#6 @David Navarro López any process that has you turning the mirror inward and taking ownership of action is going to work and promote growth.

I use Psychospirilosophy as a tool figuring things out.

Psychologically speaking it makes sense to understand why you are dong anything.

Spirituality: Have something that works for you;.

Philosophy for me is the the talk I work at walking or personal quotes I have created and use as mantras.

Everyone has their own system for self review and refinement only it often goes under utilized in favor of comfort as it takes steeping out of the comfort zone to find growth.

Humans fear change yet it happens anyway and wen you embrace it it happens faster and is less painful.

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David Navarro López 26/11/2016 · #6

#4 I am happy to see we agree on the basics, no matter if we are separated by the half of the globe. I you might know, English is not my mother language, and sometimes I make mistakes. I looked for the meaning of beliefs and faith, and after reading a lot, discarding religion biased opinions, is that beliefs can be a "confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof", whilst faith is the expectation or convincement about something even if you have no proof at sight. Whatever the semantic differences can be, I agree with using "built experiences" as a result of getting knowledge, rather than having read it in a book or seen in other's experiences. Concerning to perceptions/perspectives, absolutely agreed we need to take our "inputs" and look at them in the most objective way, if this is possible. Your words make me think I should have "deconstructed" the Navarro Loop (which sincerely, was one of my thoughts when writing it) in order to define with better precision what I meant with every particle of it.
Nevertheless, your words become to be a proof that the Navarro Loop works. Until one takes the step of "action", and causes a "reaction", (as one is biased by his own knowledge and beliefs), you can not refine and redefine your line of thinking. A good way to sharpen a knife is to use another knife, and friction it one to each other. This way, both knives are sharpened same time. I believe this happens as well with the minds.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 26/11/2016 · #5

#3 @Ali Anani Join the party. We can put together the first ever Coffee and a Spliff meeting of the minds of

I'll play host provide the spliffs and it's an open invitation to anyone who ever visits Chico, California.

Thank you Ali, I enjoy our exchanges and the shared growth.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 26/11/2016 · #4

#1 @David Navarro López first off if ever make it to Chico, California, you are on.

The Navarro Loop (Perception, knowledge, beliefs, action, interaction, perception)

I dig this, however I would replace beliefs with faith and perception with perspectives in the plural as a reminder to look at as if it wasn't me.

For me faith is built experience where a belief can be found in any book.

Yes we do share quite a few views and I look forward to seeing what others views we share. I am sure that conversation someday is going to enjoyable for both of us in what it reveals in the connection that already exists between us.

And thank you for your kind words.

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Ali Anani 26/11/2016 · #3

#1 Thank you @David Navarro López for tagging me to this lovely post. I have had recently many exchanges with @Max Carter and he is a thinker. He sees the world through a wide vision. We agree and we disagree, but with due respect and mutual understanding.
I have no disagreement this time. David summarized the buzz beautifully. I only have one wish- to join you on your park walk. It shall be an "awakening process" with both of you.

+2 +2
David Navarro López 26/11/2016 · #2

Dear @Ali Anani,You should have a look at this post. Simply amazing

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David Navarro López 26/11/2016 · #1

Dear Max, after reading your post I had the same sensation as if while walking, I had found a box full of gems. I can't agree more to all the concepts you are exposing. If I had to highlight something, your words "The best defence anyone has from taking on the emotions of another is to resolve your own issues." is something I work on in a daily base. the more solidly you have built yourself, the less options external influences will have to turn your mind into something else you don't want. I love as well the concept you are pointing out, on which we have no other alternatives than we influencing others, or we being influenced by others. To your conclusions about what to do with the things we have been influenced in our childhood, I can't be more in agreement.
Above all, I would give anything to have the opportunity to share with you a coffee, a spliff and a walk in your preferred park, and have a very long long talk with you. I am sure we would find an enourmous amount of things we would be in agreement, and I am sure it would be very interesting when finding issues we would not be in agreement, and what it would come out of it. In any case, highly enriching, for sure. Please, have a look at my last post. You will find many common things to your way of thinking.

+2 +2