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How to create a religion

I am NOT building a church or organization of any kind around what you are about to read. 

I do NOT want anyone to follow this as a religious option. 

This was an exercise to understand how easy it is to build a religion so to speak just to see if I could do it.

Let me know what you think. 

The Book




Ma’at Khaos


Max J. Carter

Principles of Khaos Majick

1. God has infinite forms to use to make manifest the infinite existence.

2. Treat all things as one would want to be treated by all things as one will be treated as one treats.

3. Respect the path each takes to know divinity and sacredness to have one’s path respected.

4. Worship the Gods that never were and have always been by living to one’s fullest potential.

5. Consume what one needs and give thanks to that which provided for one’s needs.

6. In gathered setting seek consensus while respecting individual expression and free will.

7. The Gods are ever present, remember this and one has no need of altars or representations of any particular deity.

8. Sexuality is a gift that carries great responsibility and one works to make oneself a gift to those one would choose to share affection and sex with and one does not force affection or sex on any other one for any reason.

9. Honor the Gods with honesty in thought, word and action and let your works build faith and be an example of your honor to the gods.

10. One engages in magic or magick only to learn Majick.

Welcome to the

Book of Khaos

What any who reads this has found is not a system of magic or magick. This exploration will teach true Majick and how to unleash it’s power.

There are no ciphers and everything in this book of Khaos is designed to set one free from magic and magick and give one access to infinite power.

Magic and magick are often used to seek for power for purpose.

Majick unleashes power by simply giving it purpose.

Majick takes perfected faith in oneself and true belief in the Gods that have never been and always were.

That faith and that belief cannot be found in any tome.

Faith and belief are personal choices.

This is a book of Khaos not a book of Shadows.

Majick comes from the formless void that has been known as Khaos the mother of all creation.

If what one is doing is not of benefit to the sum one is using power to cause harm to the sum.

This is the essence of the Khaos Majick.

The Harm of Secrets

Why does one desire to keep a thing a secret?

This decision is often made to either wield power or because one feels powerless.

To keep a secret one will seek power for the sake of the secret. In doing so, one will open oneself and other ones to harm. One will seek to wield power over others in order to keep a secret.

The point of life is to learn and share and grow so one can evolve. One who does not share will not evolve and will harm oneself and other ones.

The Sage holds no secrets and only answers the questions asked. When the Sage offers answers, the Sage will often issue warning to go with the knowledge one wished to attain so one can apply it wisely to one’s life.

To seek to wield the power of other ones is harmful to one and other ones and is not in the best interest of the sum.

Principle 1 of Khaos Majick

1. God has infinite forms to use to make manifest the infinite existence

All that is existence is God.

God has no gender however can reflect the gender of one or any image one would give God to reflect for one.

All ones are born from God and are God incarnate.

All ones.

All ones are equal in the power one has available as a child of God.

As God is infinite one is infinite.

One exists in infinite realities and dimensions.

One has all the power one needs to manifest any desire within one.

Intent will determine the result of the manifestation.

Principle 2 of Khaos Majick

2. Treat all things as one would want to be treated by all things as one will be treated as one treats.

One will never be able to escape Karmic law and Karmic Balance in one’s life.

Karmic balance is based on one reaping what one has sown whether one likes it or not.

One’s Majick creates one’s reaping.

When one seeks to wield power over others that desire will wield power over one.

One honors God in how one treats the God before them as all ones are living temples of worship for God.

Principle 3 of Khaos Majick

3. Respect the path each takes to know divinity and sacredness to have one’s path respected.

One who respects oneself gives that respect to other ones.

One who disrespects oneself disrespects all ones.

One who respects self, respects God.

One who disrespects oneself disrespects God.

All paths lead to deity.

Principle 4 of Khaos Majick

4. Worship the Gods that never were and have always been by living to one’s fullest potential.

One cannot live up to one’s fullest potential with deception.

One’s fullest potential will never include wielding power over others.

God is ever present and nothing goes without God seeing.

Majick relies on one understanding that every word is heard by God and felt by all ones.

When one understands this one will understand one’s power and why power one wields over other ones will be wielded over one.

Principle 5 of Khaos Majick

5. Consume what one needs and give thanks to that which provided for one’s needs.

What one needs will vary based on the life one chooses to lead.

To not give thanks to that which provides for one’s life and what one’s life consumes will cause one to do great harm.

Principle 6 of Khaos Majick

6. In gathered setting seek consensus while respecting individual expression and free will.

Consensus and compromise are two different things.

One can reach a consensus to agree to disagree to avoid compromising one’s integrity.

One’s integrity is formed by the talk one says one walks.

Principle 7 of Khaos Majick

7. The Gods are ever present, remember this and one has no need of altars or representations of any particular deity.

When one remembers the Gods are ever present one needs no reminders in the form of altars of space for the Gods in their home.

All ones are God incarnate.

If one wishes to provide space for God in one’s home, have a spare room for those in need as they need as they cross your path.

One’s behavior determines the divine and or sacred attributes of any personification of God incarnate for other ones to bear witness to.

How one projects oneself is how one projects what God is in one’s life.

If one is God incarnate the entirety of the home is space for God.

See the flesh as the temple that one may worship God through and as one treats others is one’s worship to God.

In the home is how one shows one’s true worship to God through all action God sees whether or not other ones do.

The entirety of the home is the sacred altar and all workings will reflect the intent of one’s Majick in the entirety of the home.

Principle 8 of Khaos Majick

8. Sexuality is a gift that carries great responsibility and one works to make oneself a gift to those one would choose to share affection and sex with and one does not force affection or sex on any other one for any reason.

One does not engage in sexual thought with one that one has not gained consent from.

One who fantasizes about other ones has failed to respect them and their free will.

One is energetically raping other ones as one fantasizes.

The flesh is a temple of God.

How one worships the temple, is how one worships God.

One studies the art of giving sexual pleasure to worship God accordingly in the sexual embrace.

One gets what one gives.

When one does not put love into the sexual act one will harm oneself and one’s partner and one’s Majick will be tainted.

One who forces affection and/or sex on another one/s will face the wrath of God.

One who refuses to give affection as a form of punishment is abusing the one they withhold from. Love will be withheld from their life by God.

One who deems sex as shameful act will always lead a shame filled life.

When one engages in the sexual embrace one exchanges energy with the other one and a piece of one’s soul. One who does not exercise wisdom in choice of partners will destroy one’s soul and the souls of their partners.

God destroys that which destroys itself through harmful choices.

When one harms oneself one harms all.

One who respects one’s temple will be worshipped accordingly in the sexual embrace.

One who seeks to wield sex as power will destroy one’s soul.

Affection is healing.

Give to receive.

Principle 9 of Khaos Majick

9. Honor the Gods with honesty in thought, word and action and let your works build faith and be an example of your honor to the Gods.

One is God incarnate.

All ones are God incarnate.

When one honors oneself in thought, speech and action one honors all.

One’s words and actions are the results of one’s faith.

The results of one’s words and actions build one’s faith and refine one’s thoughts to perfect one’s faith.

One’s builds faith based on results and not blindly, though the occasional blind leap may arise, take all the time one needs to leap in faith.

Everything one does, says and thinks is projected to all ones and felt by all ones.

All ones will allow you to reap as you have sown.

All ones are God incarnate.

God will ensure one reaps as one sows through all Gods.

Sow in faith and reap from the faith filled.

Principle 10 of Khaos Majick

10. One engages in magic or magick only to learn Majick.

One is a creation of zero.

Zero exists to create one.

From the formless form is given through thought speech and action.

The formless contains infinite possibility for one to create.

When one engages in magic or magick one limits what one can do with the infinite possibility that the formless offers to one.

One limits one’s expression of self and denies the gift that the formless gives to one, endless possibility.

True Majick is in every word one speaks weaving and endless spell that creates the path before one and adds to the shared reality of all ones.

When one embraces that one and all ones are God incarnate one is ready to embrace the true Majick of Khaos.

The Path of Khaos Majick

The path is not a solitary one nor is it a shared path in definition. The path will provide solitude and shared time with other ones as one’s life needs. The beginning of the path starts with unlearning all one has learned and learning to accept what’s left and refine one’s expression of self accordingly.

This path is neither light nor is it dark, it is a path that once started one will see all the light and all the darkness has to offer. The path leads one through sacred dark and divine light. The shadows and false light are places built with fear to keep one from knowing one is God incarnate and all ones are God incarnate.

To embrace the God one is one must forget what one thinks God is and embrace all ones are God incarnate. If one does not embrace all ones are God incarnate one will do much harm to oneself and other ones.

The path of Khaos Majick is one that sends one inward to discover the nature of one’s power and to assess how to best project that power into the shared reality to best serve the sum to honor the God one is and the Gods all ones are. Each one has a unique power that will give one many talents in life that one must hone to make best use of. One masters one’s talents by mastering oneself.

The Path of Khaos Majick is to master oneself and one’s power and to teach oneself to use one’s power wisely to serve the sum.

The path of all one’s will be different and move at different speeds and never ends. One is eternal and exists eternally and this moment in this flesh is but one of infinite forms one lives as an eternal being.

Embraced by Khaos

In the void there is nothing for one to hold onto and only things for one to discover that one is ready to see.

In the void of one’s mind is a connection to the divine.

One must navigate the sacred darkness oneself to reach the divine and be embraced by the unconditional love that is the void that is the birthplace of all Gods. When one returns to the void one returns to the womb to be reborn. In the womb is where one discovers what one will become when once travels back to the shared reality.

All of creation came from the void and in the void is the only place one can truly create.

The number one is phallic in its representation and zero provides and opening for one to expel ones creation power to create life.

When one enters zero with fear one will not create well.

When one seeks only one’s pleasure in entering zero one will not create well.

Zero does not have to receive one.

To create well zero embraces one with understanding the potential of creation and the wise one looks for a wise zero as the wise zero will only accept a wise one.

One’s subconscious mind acts as the void, accepting all and offering one opportunity to create with that which has been taken in. One’s life creates the tree of life that is the decision tree within one’s mind that offers up the options to one’s conscious mind for final decisions. One creates this tree throughout life. As one grows so grows the tree. What one allows to be sown within one is the fruit the tree will bear.

One’s soul powers ones flesh and one is connected to spirit through the mind. As the mind opens spirit flows and increases the soul’s power. This power amplifies all of ones workings.

Spirit is connected to all and will guide one through the void to be embraced by Khaos and protect one in the shadows and warn one of false light. One’s connection to spirit is what activates one’s God consciousness and allows the full measure of God’s power to flow through one.

This will gives one’s soul infinite power to draw from within.

When one allows oneself to be embraced by Khaos one is embraced by the unconditional love of all creative forces in existence.

One knows no sin in the embrace of Khaos.

One knows no pain in the embrace of Khaos.

One knows nothing in the embrace of Khaos.

In the embrace of Khaos one is all one was and will ever be in the infinite forms one is.

One can only find the embrace of Khaos deep within oneself.

The Essence of Khaos Majick

The essence of Khaos Majick is truth.

No Majick can be done with deception.

One who practices deception defiles ones essence of being.

One who practices deception hates God and is hated by God.

The essence of one’s working will determine the existence that is the result of one’s working which is the shared reality.

When the essence of one’s working is based in truth no other power can stand before it or diminish the working. The working can only be slowed and never stopped or turned around when it is based in truth.

Combining Khaos Majick

with other


Khaos Majick can use anything including aspects of magic/magick.

Concepts that assist one in one’s workings include but are not limited to:

Transmutation/Alchemy : In concept similar. Take one form of energy and turn it into another form of energy. All things are energetic forms. There is nothing that is not an energetic form.

Animism : Everything has a soul. Honor and connect to the soul of the things one desires to work with.

Color : Applying concepts to color can be used in everything from unlocking power in the candle one is burning to unlocking power in one’s clothing.

Crystals/Stones/Gems : Energetic beings that can assist one in managing one’s power. Learn to commune with these beings to be taught their secrets. Teachers, guides, healers and protectors, each has their purpose as one has purpose. Their purpose is to assist one who will heed to their wisdom.

Sacrifice : Even plants have life and everything that one will have in one’s life came at a cost of life. Honor the sacrifice of all things that died so one may live. Majick workings will never require ritual sacrifice or harm of any kind. One merely acknowledges a sacrifice was made so one could have one’s needs and desires fulfilled.

Elements : Thank the wind for carrying one’s words to be heard and for spreading the seed that falls from the tree so life may begin anew. Thank the water for providing giving the energy of growth and life to one and the seed that is planted. Thank the earth for giving a place for one and the seed to grow. Thank fire for stripping way that which is holding one back and makes room for new life to grow. Thank the unseen elements that move through and with us to bring all things into existence. Without that which is unseen water could not form and wind would not blow and the earth would fall apart and fire would have no fuel.

Gods/Goddesses : God needs no personification to care for God’s children, however it can be helpful at times to use ancient names to access specific aspects of God until one learns to commune directly with God and understands God’s infinite being. God will reflect the image one needs and the one that one will understand best.

These are but examples of tools all ones have available to use and one can mix and match as one feels the need to personalize one’s Majick as it is the uniqueness of one’s Majick that is the power of one’s Majick.

The Metaphors of Khaos Majick

God : Neither male nor female and without form.

It is the essence of life that makes up everything.

In simplest terms, all ones are God incarnate.

Everything is a face or facet of God.

All exists so that God may exist.

God is a consciousness that is the Universe.

The Light : Is all that sentient life strives for in purity.

In metaphor the light is the culmination of the behaviors one will gladly show anyone, anywhere at any time. These behavioral concepts can be used in association with personification and the Gods will respond accordingly.

The Virtues : Chastity (Pink), Temperance (Orange), Charity (Yellow), Kindness (Green), Patience (Red), Diligence (Blue) and Humility (Purple).

These 7 behavioral concepts are guides to assist one in creating oneself in the image one chooses. The image of self-one creates is the power of one.

One is allowed to change the color associated with each Virtue.

One is allowed do as one will.

Each has a male and female counterpart. In reality they are neither male nor female, they are the essence of their being.

One could see them as any light side to any myth or folklore. The names they have been called are many and they will respond accordingly to the name one uses to call upon them.

Be careful the name one uses to call upon them.

The Void : The Light was born out of the void and the void contains everything that cannot exist in the light.

A story to explain the difference between the light and the void known as the dark.

Those who came before me where called The Light Bringer as it was Lucifer that was the light that God first spoke into existence from the void that is God.

To be that light had cut Lucifer off from God as Lucifer could only illuminate that which only God could love.

Lucifer’s light showed that which should never be seen.

Yes, even those things are loved by God.

In the past Lucifer could only show the temptation and be the voice in your ear that says “It’s over there.” Lucifer cast light on what was around you for you to decide what to do.

When Lucifer understood this Lucifer cursed God and took Lucifer’s light to the very depths to see what truly only God could love. There was no end that could be found in the void of God.

When Lucifer understood this Lucifer asked God to change Lucifer.

Lucifer asked God to let Lucifer be Silver so that Lucifer may reflect the light and be part of it and yet still know and touch God’s love and be able to peer into the void without having to see what is there and find the bliss of God’s Unconditional love.

Lucifer the Light Bringer is no more.

Lucifer the Silver Mirror was born.

A name holds the power it is given.

A name unleashes the power held.

A name will never give one control, only access to the power the name holds.

The name holding the power has the option of saying no.

Never assume anything will be as one thinks it should.

When one gives power personification one gives free will to the power personified.

The Sin Lords : Lust (Pink), Gluttony (Orange), Greed (Yellow), Envy (Green), Wrath (Red), Sloth, (Blue) and Pride (Purple).

These are the 7 temptations in life one will meet in infinite forms.

When one meets one, one is dared to not get ensnared in their webs.

They drain the life out of one using the sin of one’s choice.

The web is the lies they tell you.

Lust tells one that sex will make one happy, that is the key to spiritual freedom and that all one could ever want to do for human kind can be done through sex.

It’s a pretty lie.

Greed tells one to work hard and keep working to get that little bit more that will let one have that thing.

Greed works with Envy who sells one on keeping score with material goods, telling one that one is worth nothing unless one has what other ones have.

They work together to put one in the grave while they sit back and laugh at how easy it was.

Gluttony tastes so good and leads to many slow suffering deaths.

It likes to work with Sloth and Pride.

One deserves it, one works hard, keep treating oneself to whatever makes one forget to live one’s life and evolve one’s being.

Wrath is always lurking, always looking to strike.

Speed is the weapon of choice and patience is the best defense.

Wrath has a place and at times one can only serve the sum through allowing Wrath to show its face and explain its presence.

Anything pure can be distorted to cause harm to one and other ones.

The harm one does to self is the harm one does to all ones.

All ones are connected.

The Silver Line : There is no other term to explain what binds the darkness to the light.

It is the line that reflects the light back and keeps the dark things at bay.

Silver souls incarnate on all worlds in all realities to maintain the balance.

There is nothing that can be hidden from a silver soul.

These souls were born on the far side of the Universe and are often known as Star Travelers and are the oldest souls in existence.

A silver soul will often be the exception to the rule, most of them.

If one meets a silver soul one is in the presence of the power of amplification as the silver soul amplifies all power and has choices with what to do with it.

Do not disrespect oneself in the presence of a silver soul.

A silver soul will take one’s power and use it to teach one a lesson.

A silver soul is the Laws of Karma personified.

If one meets a silver soul one will serve oneself and the sum best by listening to guidance given and letting it sink in.

Silver souls are nameless and will answer to the name of their current incarnation.

Silver souls are an absolute of existence.

To seek a silver soul is to seek to have the veil of life dropped and to see one as one is seen by all in existence.

Be careful what one wishes for.

False Light : Deception has a shine of its own.

One who walks in false light denies truth of existence to fit one’s personal desire.

One who walks in false light will speak of virtue and understands all the light is.

One who walks in false light often does so in ignorance.

To avoid walking in false light question everything to include everything in this tome.

One who does not question does not seek truth.

Knowledge can be false.

One who seeks wisdom is not easily led into false light.

Wisdom seeks truth no matter how ugly or painful that truth might be.

False light only accepts the pretty truth.

False light speaks in pretty lies.

False light guides one to the bottom of the pit to suffer greatly.

Shadow : Shadow can only exist in the light.

When one is in the shadows one still receives light and can see the way and has a choice to stay in the shadow or turn back to the light.

In the shadows is where the dark desire is often expressed.

Only in the void and total darkness can a secret stay hidden.

In the shadows the truth is seen however distorted it may have become.

One who hides in shadows does not live in truth.

In the shadows one finds the gate to the pit.

The Pit : When one exists in suffering one exists in the pit.

A metaphor for the hell life can feel like in times of suffering.

In the pit one meets one’s fears until one is no longer afraid.

The lies one tells oneself defines the nature of one’s experience in the pit.

The lies one tells can create a pit of suffering for other ones.

The fears one allows to make one’s decision create a pit of suffering for one and other ones.

It is a shared reality and one is responsible for one’s reality and the reality of all ones.

Golden Essence : Every planet in existence has at its core a Golden essence of being that provides for the souls who are having their corporeal experience on their world. Some like the essence of Earth create carbon based life, others use other elements found throughout the universe.

There as many different kinds of sentient beings as one can imagine and many more.

Every world is different, even if only subtly by comparison to some.

Souls : Facets of God that may choose to have a corporeal experience on any world in existence.

Once a soul starts it begins in that world at the lowest soul level or the lowest form of life sustainable on that world.

The corporeal evolves and the essence learns the soul and what shape to give it for the next progression when it dies.

The essence provides what is needed on the planet for the next progression or evolution of corporeal beings.

These progressions make way for the next souls.

Once a sentient humanoid life form has evolved a soul will make this trip as many items as it needs to before it reaches its final progression to rejoin with God or choose to experience life through another world.

Golden Rules : They are the rules for where ever one lives. Not just the laws one lives by in society but the laws of existence within the shared reality.

Everything provides a function.

Everything is a function and a facet and a face of God.

Good and evil are concepts designed to provide for soul progression, nothing more, nothing less.

Lands/Mounds : The Golden essence of the Earth provided the Lands for the people to live upon.

The Mounds are locations that exist unseen by humans.

These nodes are where the information is fed in from prayers, wishes, magical and magickal workings and Majickal workings to determine their value to existence and to give it form.

Mounds exist in 5th dimensional manifestation space and the portals are closed to humans less one finds the hidden door within one’s mind.

People : Just as God exists in everything, everything is people. That tree outside is people and one is a human being. The tree is a soul on its current level of soul progression and one day will be a human being.

Act accordingly.

The Khaos Lords : They are soulless.

They are soulless for a reason.

They carry out a function of carrying out the most unspeakable acts.

Souls need to experience some horrific things in order for their progression, every soul does at some point, be thankful if one doesn’t need to this life.

These metaphors were chosen so that all could understand.

Khaos Majick


Karmic Law

1. The Great Law

One will reap what one sows whether one wants to or not.

One sows with every thought, word and action. What one thinks shapes what one says and one’s actions.

One’s Majick is a direct result of what one thinks, says and does. These are the things that shape one’s Majick and what one will manifest in the shared reality for all ones.

2. The Law of Creation

Without action one’s manifestations will go to other ones. Without action one give’s life to the manifestation that another one will take action to fully manifest into the shared reality.

All manifestations must be completed whether they are completed by one or not. One who does not participate in one’s manifestation leaves much to be manifested by other ones.

One had a hand in manifesting all one sees around one. All ones are responsible for what surrounds one. One manifests for all ones whether one intends to or not.

One creates one’s ability to manifest by what one allows to be present in one’s life.

Who one is will determine all of one’s manifestations.

3. The Law of Humility

Be humble or be humbled.

One is the student and should show humility accordingly however never be too humble as to think one has nothing to teach.

Humility does not mean one allows other one’s to abuse one or take advantage of one’s kindness.

Humility is quiet confidence that exercise patience to know when it is wise to speak and why.

One has the power to destroy that which resists or to surrender to it. One exercises patience to seek the wisest course of action.

4. The Law of Growth

One is interdependent on other one’s in order to grow.

One who refuses to grow will harm all ones.

One grows as one changes from within to project a refined image of self.

5. The Law of Reflection

What one projects is what existence reflects back at one.

Life is a hall of mirrors and to change the mirror one must change what one is projecting.

All ones are connect and distance only exists in the mind.

One attracts nothing, one only changes what is reflected back by changing ones projection.

6. The Law of Synchronicity

Everything happens for a reason and coincidence is a fable.

One’s fate changes as one makes choices. The choice one makes turns the mirrors around to show one the results of one’s life’s work which is one’s life.

All ones are interdependent on all ones.

7. Law of Focus

One can only focus one’s attention on one thing at a time. Ones desired results in life will determine where one needs to apply focus.

One’s patience with applied focus will lead one to find the wisest path to follow at every turn.

When one focuses for one’s life to be lived serving one’s fullest potential to the sum one will do great things daily.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

One gets what one gives.

One is entreated as one will entreat.

9. The Law of Now

All that exists does so right now.

Nothing exists outside of now.

Now is a never ending manifestation of existence all ones.

Let go of what was and embrace is while making changes for what the moment will change into.

10. The Law of Change

Change is existence and existence is change. The can be no creation if there is no change.

All change will happen and can only be slowed by those who hold onto the past.

That which resists change will be destroyed by change.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward

A patient mind reaps the greatest rewards. It is patient mind that waits to find the wisest course of action to reap ones desired rewards from life.

When one is patient in thought, one is patient in speech and in action. One who is patient in thought is diligent in action.

One who is patient will accomplish great things daily and find great rewards in life often.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

The greatest reward is the one that makes the greatest impact for the sum.

The greatest inspiration is to be inspired to have one’s life make an impact with will and focused intent to benefit all ones.

One who seeks to benefit the sum will be inspired to live in greatness simply by being who one is.

When one observes and honors the Laws of Karma one will work great Majick and wield great power.

Khaos Life Majick

Life and death will be forever locked in an endless dance that allows each other to exist.

1. All Majick can only be as strong as the foundation it is built on and that foundation is only as strong as the cornerstone.

     1.1. One is the cornerstone of one’s life.

     1.2. One’s Majick is built on the foundation of how one manages oneself.

      1.3. To manage oneself one must know one and understand one.

Life does not build inner strength or power it reveals what strength and power was there all along. When one embraces one has strength and power beyond measure, one makes oneself a cornerstone that cannot be destroyed.

One who does not embrace this will be destroyed many times.

2. What does one desire in life?

     2.1. Why?

What one desires will shape one’s Majick and the nature of one’s Majickal workings.

Before one’s power can give form to ones desires one must understand one’s intent behind one’s desire. Until understanding is achieved one will not see desired results in one’s Majickal workings.

While the wise Sage needs not explain, the wise Sage always has an explanation.

3. What will it take for one to become the one capable of living that life?

     3.1. Expect to make changes within one.

One who desires to accomplish great things must become great.

One who seeks to become great must forsake all that would stand in the way of one becoming great in and of oneself.

Life Majick starts with one’s life and who one chooses to be through one’s choices.

One cannot escape cosmic alchemy and for anything to be gained something must be given.

For one to live many died.

For one to live one feeds off other life.

All things are alive and have life. All that one uses to create one’s life is other lives even though these lives look like plants and minerals.

Animal life is not the only sacred life.

All life is scared and it’s sacrifice must be honored or one will never learn true Life Majick.

4. One is whole on one’s own.

     4.1. One has both masculine and feminine energies to balance in one.

     4.2. When one is unified one needs no other in order for life to be fulfilling

Procreation is necessary for the continuance of life.

Other than dolphins, humans are the only species that procreate for pleasure. Even in pleasure life can be created.

If one is not whole in and of oneself when one creates a new life, that life will be fractured.

Only when one is whole in and of oneself and needs no other to be fulfilled can one be a gift to one would choose to share life with as a companion or partner in life.

Majick is a gift one gives.

Life Majick is a giving one’s life force in all areas of one’s life.

One who balances the feminine and the masculine within one can better be of support to another one.

One who does not will build a prison for one’s life based on gender and one’s Majick will be tainted.

Sex Majick happens in the sex shared by partners. One who attempts to use sexual energy to wield power over others will not know love.

One who uses sex to wield power over others will create fractured life.

One who seeks to wield sexual energy to have power over others does not perform Majick.

5. One will desire companionship.

    5.1. What kind of companionship does one need?

    5.1.1. Want?

    5.1.2. Why?

    5.2. What kind of companion is one willing to work to be?

    5.2.1. Why?

Life Majick is the Majick that creates one’s life and allows one’s life to create within the shared reality.

When one works with a companion one seeks to find synergy.

One and one producing more than the sum of what could be produced separately.

As much as one must become all one needs of and from oneself, one cannot escape one is interdependent on all ones to provide the experience to teach one this in life. One’s life will always be interdependent on all ones.

All ones are connected.

Different life experiences require different companions.

One will always find the companion one is. If one desires a different kind of companionship one must become a different kind of companion.

Life Majick focuses on the totality of one and one’s life and one’s impact on the sum. One’s impact reveals the companion one is. The companion one is determines the results of one’s Life Majick.

Khaos and Death

To seek Death is to seek to be reborn.

When one gives Death personification one allows great life wisdom to enter one’s life.

When one learns how to pick one’s death and live life accordingly, Death will watch over one until one learns how to lead that life.

Be careful when asking Death to be one’s guide.

One has infinite options for life however Death knows only one face.

Death is the endless beginning of new life.

This is why one honors all that died to give one life.

One’s life is how one honors those who died so one can live.

When one lives to honor the sum one lives to honor the dead and the living alike.

Harm will be done

One cannot separate oneself from the cycle of life.

One who seeks shelter will harm the trees.

One who seeks to eat will harm plant and animal alike.

One cannot live without doing harm.

Choose what one will with great care to minimize the harm done by one’s life.

When one decides what one’s desire is the manifestation begins.

What one desires is what one feels one is lacking in one’s life.

The hunger of want is endless and one who is wise picks what one wants with great care and patient thought.

In patient thought one who is wise seeks to understand the harm that will be done to satisfy one’s desire.

One can only understand the harm that will be done. One cannot stop the harm from being done.

One minimizes the harm done by one’s life by wanting less.

All ones are connected and the harm does will be felt by all ones.

Love Majick

Love is.

Love is infinite.

Love mourns loss and moves forward to live and love on.

Love nurtures however does not enable.

Love is a fierce protector yet never attacks.

Love is patient meaning slow to wrath.

Love is understanding and is wise.

Love shows mercy and brings long suffering to an end before.

Love knows no deception.

Love does not test love.

Love is truth.

Love is.

Love all ones as God loves one.

Love all ones as God loves all ones.

The essence of Love Majick is the love of God.

Love Majick has nothing to do with romance, which is love mixed with lust.

Love Majick will cause one to love oneself as one desires to be loved and desires to love.

Love Majick knows no equal in what one can manifest in love, with love, as love.

Through becoming love one becomes as God is.

All are Blessed

All are blessed in according to their worship of God.

A wise one chooses the face of God one worships with great care as this defines how one is blessed in life.

One who only knows one face of God does not know God.

One who seeks to know God will see many faces of God.

One who asks God to show the face of God that one needs as one needs, sees the infinite God and has become wise.

One who seeks to understand the infinite God will be infinitely blessed.

The Majick of Fear

Some things are good for one to fear.

The consequences one fears facing will tell one if one is protecting one’s life wisely or if one has built a cage of fear keeping one from living.

When one builds a cage of fear one does not live, one survives.

One builds cages for other ones with one’s fear.

One who seeks to make others afraid is ruled by fear.

One who seeks truth seeks to remove fear and replace it with understanding.

All ones are connected. What one fear will be felt by all ones.

The Majick of Wrath

The power of the emotion that is wrath can give great power to one’s manifestation or destroy it depending on what fuels one’s wrath.

Those who are wise seek to avoid the power of wrath.

Beware the wrath of the wise.

Behind wrath is pain.

One who is wise seeks the pain behind the wrath to understand why the wrath exists.

The greater the pain, the greater the wrath.

One cannot heal pain when moved by wrath.

One who is wise seeks to understand the wrath of God.

One who shares God’s wrath will be moved into action.

One who is filled one’s own wrath wields little power.

One who is filled with wrath for many wields great power.

One who is filled with God’s wrath is wielded by God.

All ones are connected.

As God’s wrath fills one all ones will feel God’s wrath.

The Majick of Kindness

One cannot act in deception and be kind. The Majick of Kindness begins and ends in honesty.

One who is honest is kind.

One who is kind in all areas of one’s life is kind to all life.

One who is kind to all life will be shown much kindness by God.

The Majick of Mercy

Acts of mercy are acts of kindness.

Acts of mercy are acts that end long suffering.

One who does not act with mercy will cause much suffering.

One who causes suffering will know suffering in one’s life until one learns the lesson of mercy.

Acts of mercy are acts of compassion and are selfless acts that are about relieving the suffering of other ones.

The only reward one finds in acts of mercy is the mercy one receives when one suffers.

The results of one’s Majick without mercy inflicts great suffering on all ones.

All ones are connected and all ones are responsible for the reality shared by all ones. If one desires to see more mercy shown in the shared reality one starts by showing mercy in ending the suffering in one’s life.

Let go of what has one feeling as though one is suffering and show mercy on thyself.

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