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Intimacy and the Psychospirilosophy view

When I talk about intimacy with people these days, I often refer to the song LET ME IN YOUR ROOM by Halestorm and here’s why.

The room in question is the place we all keep the things we tell no one about for various reasons. It’s where we bury the past and hope no one notices the scars we hid in the darkness of ourselves. Our darkness is where go to create the light we show the world.

Our darkness is as sacred as our light is divine.

Intimacy begins and ends with the dark part of yourself you share with someone else.

Intimacy has nothing to do with having sex and often sex gets in the way of being intimate.

One of the reasons my third marriage failed was due to a lack of intimacy. The sex was great, however it was every other part of the relationship that was not and it was because of a lack of intimacy.

There were things I shared with my 3rd wife that were not well received and the response I got was not the one you need if you are spending your life sleeping next to someone. At the same time she would reveal as little as possible about herself.

I have a hyper sensitive intuitive gift to begin with. When I am in a relationship that involves living together, there is not much that I don’t get a sense of or know in what is going on behind my back. It makes a relationship with someone who will not acknowledge the connection and what I am able to do extremely difficult. It’s why after 2 years I am still not in a hurry to date again.

By the very nature of what I do, people share intimate details of their life with me. 

It’s why as a Shaman I often use the metaphor of the Raven totem as it applies to the work I do. The raven is the holder of secrets.

In the years I’ve been doing this I have heard every kind of horror story you would never want to hear. Part of what I do as an Empath is hold that emotional pain as we talk to give them clarity and an opportunity to change their view and heal themselves by doing so