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Looking for someplace to go, try Chico

Most people have never heard of the small town Chico, California USA. 

There are a lot of things to see and do in this small town that has a history of it's own. 

Chico California sits in between the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills and the Sacramento river and this location has made the area surrounding Chico one of the worlds largest Almond producers. 

You know you are talking to a local when they pronounce the world "Almond" as "amond" leaving the L silent. It's a local colloquialism that developed among the Almond farmers. They will tell you that on the tree the L is there and when it falls of the tree it knocked the L out. 

I wish I was making it up. 

If you're not into nuts then maybe you might want to go the Sierra Nevada Brewery. 

Looking for someplace to go, try ChicoSierra Nevada is world recognized as a premiere micro brewery that has rejected multiple offers from Anheuser-Busch and Coors to buy them out. When you visit the brewery not only can you get a tour of their facility you can finish it off in their world class restaurant with lunch or dinner. 

Bidwell Mansion is the historic home of Chico's founding Father, John Bidwell. John played an instrumental role in California becoming a state. It is also John who is the reason there are 5 trees on the Chico State University campus you can find no where else in North America. 

Chico's geographic location and mild weather make it easy to grow just about anything. When John discovered this when he started bringing in plant life from around the around the world to see what would and wouldn't thrive. In Bidwell Park you can find the The World of Trees trail. As you move through this forest there are plaques to tell you what kind of tree you are looking at and where it comes from in the world. 

It was John's wife Annie that left the park land to the city of Chico with the agreement that the park land would never be encroached upon by the developing town as it grew. Chico has actually annexed more land for the park over the years and because of this Bidwell Park remains the 3rd largest city Park in California and puts it in the top 25 in the USA.

Madison Bear Garden A.K.A. The Bear is a longstanding fixture in Chico that is a bar and restaurant and their signature Bear Burger is a must for anyone visiting Chico. Located in downtown Chico The Bear is the perfect place to stop for lunch after taking the time to check out the local one of kind shops that reside in downtown Chico. 

Downtown also offers a variety of nightlife activities to suit any taste. 

The Down Lo is a pool hall that often has local live music and a menu with all your pool hall favorites. Every bar in Chico has Sierra Nevada on tap.

If you want to dance to live music and see the local DJ's spin then Lost on Main located on Main Street is the place to go.

At night in downtown Chico is when the local artists come to the streets. Whether it's glass blowers or painters or one man shows of singers and guitarist, wandering the streets of downtown Chico can provide entertainment of it's own. 

A small town with a lot to explore while relaxing on your vacation. If you want high quality accommodations that put you downtown in the center of it all the Hotel Diamond is a renovated structure giving you that old Victorian feel. With Suites available and Nick's place the Hotel's restaurant and bar relax in style while on your vacation. 

If you need a guide while you are here, hit up your friendly Neighborhood Rock Shaman who is as local as local gets. 

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#1 Thank you @John White, MBA. I find if you really want a decent beer, micro brewery all the way.

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I had a few Sierra Nevadas just the other night. We have New Belgium, Odell, and a bunch of smaller breweries here in Fort Collins. Beer has become part of the culture and economy. Nice buzz, Max.

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