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Mind Sex 101

Mind Sex 101

There is an art to seduction that is slow and patient and built upon a conversation that never ends.

The intent behind the conversation is not to lead to physical seduction. The intent is to explore and allow yourself to come alive from the inside. When you connect at the higher levels of understanding it builds a stronger emotional bond. It leads to a more intimate connection that has you sharing the depths of yourself instead of playing it shallow just to get laid.

You can feel a sexual attraction to many. Lust has no rules and your inner beast of desire likes to feed in more than one way.

Lust is easy.

An honest conversation is vulnerability.

An intent to know and be known tears down the walls of insecurity and who you are from the core comes forward.

An intent to know and be known in the now in the flow is a sweet surrender to what the Big U is showing you.

When you set that kind if intent and let go, the conversation may take breaks, however it never ends. When you allow yourself to be this vulnerable silence can be comfortable.

Here’s the catch.

You have to be able to be this deep with yourself first.

If you can’t accept and love you as you are, no one else will either.

Be the love you wish you had and find the love that will never stop talking.