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No really Max just WTF do you do?

Simple question with a complex answer. 

I have always been one to take on anything anyone would teach me.

I'm the son of a contractor who said "Do the job right or don't bother."

I applied that to life. 

In the United States Air Force I learned a lot more than the electronics job that was my job title. It was in the Air Force I did my first technical writing submitting changes in our manuals that were approved. Editing and technical writing followed me out of the military into the first inbound call center I worked at where I edited sales scripts that improved sales by over 80% and wrote the standard operating procedure guide for more than one position and created a training guide for a function that previously did not have one. All by age 23.

Later in life I met author Pete Conrad and edit his books and screenplays. He' s actually the guy who wrote the last book I ever read cover to cover. That was what made me say yes when he asked to me look at a few things. That was nearly 9 years ago. 

If you have read my leadership series you should know most of that came from being a supervisor who was asked to redesign the customer service operating model for a fortune 100 company. I also designed an operating model for the Quality Department of Klean Kanteen. I created their standard operating procedure writing guide and then most of their standard operating procedures before being fired the day after I submitted a hostile work environment complaint through HR. 

Every lawyer I talked to (about 6) said I had one of the most winnable cases of wrongful termination they had ever seen however I did not work there long enough for them to take the case and have it be worth their time. 

For the last 3 years I have been working as a life coach and consultant in various areas of business and business development. Because I use my intuitive gifts and I am public about it my clients ask I not reveal who they are from the business side. I hate it, but I get it. 

Who wants to admit in the corporate world they hired a Shaman who is an Empath, Telepath and a Medium who has no problem talking about it publicly to a public who still largely is unaccepting and skeptical of my skills mush less my being?

I spent a great deal of my life in self study. I started creating my own martial art using Jeet Kune Do as a springboard when I was 9. 

I have studied physics and philosophy mostly eastern since I was a child. I watched college courses in economics when I was 4 and was explaining them to my dad. 

It's kind of hard to explain everything I have studied with an intellect that at age 4 understood advanced economic theory.

When I got around to Reiki, I had designed my own after reading a few pages in a book that other practitioners have called one of the most powerful forms they have ever seen. 

I spent 3 years in the egoless state that increased my understanding of human psychology way beyond most of what I have seen written and started writing about it and you can find those pieces on my site as well. Every PhD in the field who has read my work tells me I am right on the money even without a degree. 

As a Shaman I communicate with the other side like the rest of you breath. Being a born Shaman with one foot always in that world I have no need of psychedelic drugs or forms or ritual in order to do what the Shamans most are familiar with do. I teach you how to get there without using those crutches. 

I also do a lot of self empowerment with my personal clients and charity clients. My charity clients are often in abusive situations or just coming out of them and need someone who won't walk away because they don't have the money who still has the skills to give them what they need. 

The only time I am not working with at least 3-6 charity clients is when I have paying ones. If they are taken care of I am in my charity work on an overtime all the time round the clock kind of basis.

I'm currently designing a lecture series called Psychospirilosophy The Martial Art of Thought. The Protection through Right Action series is only the first part of the design. 

I hold by donation only sessions locally.

As an Awakening Guide my primary function is to keep clients from getting lost in the process and developing a God Complex among other dangers in the process that can have an adverse impact on your life and other lives. 

I am a teacher and a Guide and a Jack of all trades master of what do you need right now consultant who uses his skills as a Master Intuitive to do twice the work in half the time to produce quadruple the results. 

I don't do windows. 

Funny enough I am also well versed in diet and the culinary arts as it applies to healthy living. While I will not clean your house, with my Reiki system I will clean you out and give a full emotional reset and clear and activate your entire Chakra and Meridian system. 

I have trained to have access to what Hinduism calls the Mind of God, others call The Akashic Records, others call The Universal Consciousness which allows me to answer the question why to a lot of stuff. 

It's this connection that each of us can establish within ourselves through our higher-self. This is what I teach people to do so they never have to hire a life coach or seek out a guru ever again. 

There is no tech manual for doing that. Anyone who says different is trying to take advantage of your ignorance or just has no real clue what they are doing and took some online seminar to get a certificate so you would believe them. 

It was roughly 2 years ago I started going by Max professionally and in my personal life. My legal name is James Clayton Carter Jr. My name is the only piece of real marketing I use. Jim Carter is way too common and the J. in Max J. Carter stands out much in the same way as Michael J. Fox. 

I chose to use the name Max in my personal life to save confusion for me and other people and my family still calls me Jim. I actually made myself wait over a year to make the final decision so I would know I was doing it for marketing purposes not because I felt there was something wrong with me or my name. However I will admit I like Max better than Jr. I am pretty sure a lot of Juniors out there might feel the same way. Max was the name my mom originally wanted to give me. I know we have a lot of psychology people here and I am aware the switch never goes off and even when you don't mean to, you can't stop analyzing people. 

Studying people is what anyone who gives guidance does so they can give better guidance. 

As you can see I do a lot of different stuff and I am always open to new opportunities and who knows what nifty skill I might pick up next week. 

I left out the following but not limited to:

Cab Driver

Retail Management


House Husband

Home Healthcare

I think Blogger is a forgone conclusion but why not?

Creative Producer

Associate Producer

Psychic Readings

Paranormal Investigator

Bar Tender

Inventory Specialist

Files Clerk

Procurement Specialist

Military Adviser

OK you borderline narcissistic prick why write all this?

How else is anyone going to know?

And my favorite reason and the question that was the last thing to go through my head before I started writing this "Why the fuck not?"

No really Max just WTF do you do?

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#1 Thank you Brian.

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Brian McKenzie 4/11/2016 · #1

'The Truth Will Set you Free' ..... namely because nobody will ever pay you to tell it. They simply want a repackaged and glitzy version of what is already on their plate or they have been served before.
Congrads on finding, creating and building your life the way it has landed, the best of success for you forward.

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