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No really what is this Awakening process?

In simple terms it is the process of understanding the difference between perceived truth and actual truth. 

There is no technical steps that can guide one through the process. Anyone telling you different is attempting to profit off your ignorance. 

Ignorance is bliss. It allows one to live in delusion. It allows one to ignore pain and suffering. It allows one to ignore the pain and suffering one inflicts. 

To be awakened quite simply means understanding where the pain comes from and taking action in refining the ego expression of self to do less harm. It centers around healing old emotional wounds through acceptance and forgiveness and eventually thanking them for putting you through hell to reveal the strength that was there all along. 

It centers around the intent to be honest in all things. 

I see a lot of people who package themselves as experts in guiding you through evolving in thought and conscious level awareness. They use a lot of fancy terms to impress you. 

One can guide oneself through the process and does throughout life in the experiences one has and chooses to engage in. 

The only technique I have ever encountered that actually speeds the process up is a meditation I discovered several years ago. Thousands of people I have worked with said it worked better than any other meditation they have ever tried and they progre