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Normal is just a uniform

There was a time in my life a few years ago that I considered suicide as an option. Here’s why.

I had awaken to my being an Empath and Medium. I lost every friend I ever had and lost my marriage all because I refused to hide being what I am. There were 3 songs that kept me from doing myself in.

WE ARE THE OTHERS by Delain is one of those songs.

Just so you all know, as a symbolic gesture to commit to never thinking about suicide again, I took the dagger I was going to use and wrapped it up and tossed it in a dumpster.

As simple as air in your lungs,
As simple as words on your lips,
And no one should take that away,
No one should argue this
Now with our heads up high,
We’ll carry on,
And carry out,
That we won’t let them get us down
Or wear us out
‘Cause we are not alone…

Originally this song was not written to be an anthem for those who feel different because they are Empaths and a lot of people still don’t get what that is and treat Empaths as if they were crazy.

A big part of my life the last few years has been working with people who are awakening to being an Empath.

I’ve seen groups as big as 20,000 and was an admin in a group of over 1,000.

A lot of people who are full blown Empaths who don’t realize it are often misdiagnosed with conditions such as bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and others. They are medicated and told they are ill and that something is wrong with them.

If they assert anything else they run the risk of being hospitalized.

I have 2 causes that I dedicate my life’s work to.

Raising the awareness of what I call the Genetic Jump. As I see it we are in the midst of our species taking an evolutionary jump forward. Empaths are just a natural result of our evolution, no more no less.

My other cause is putting an end to Domestic Abuse/Violence.

The abuse does not have to be physical to leave its scars. Many of the Empaths I’ve worked with have also been survivors of domestic abuse.

Every time I share this song with another Empath or group of Empaths, they feel as if they found an anthem to cling on to and inspire them to keep on keepin’ on.

We are the others,
We are the cast-outs,
We’re the outsiders
But you can’t hide us
We are the others
We are the cast-outs
You’re not out there on your own
If you feel mistreated
Torn and cheated
You are not alone
We are the others

I’m not sure if I could ever truly find the words to adequately describe what it’s like to feel so different from so many yet at the same time still be just as human as any other.

Feeling like an outsider and a cast out is something I dealt with on a social level off and on throughout my life. Typical school shit and what not.

It wasn’t until I publicly said “I am an Empath” that I truly began to truly feel what it’s like to feel cast out.

I also found that I was not alone. I have been in several groups over the last few years where Empaths support each other and teach other how to manage our being better and make the gift less of a curse in our lives.

None of you are alone.

Normal is not the norm,
It’s just a uniform…
(We are the others)
Forget about the norm
(We’re the outsiders)
Take off your uniform,