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Peace Lords introduces Tal Lyn

This is how I build my characters for my fictional projects. It allows me to get a sense of who they are before I ever get to the story they are going to be progressing. 

This particular character is my personal favorite and feel free to infer all you want as to why as you will probably be right on the money. 

With that let me introduce Tal Lyn.

Peace Lord Log Entry

Name: Tal Lyn

Planet of report origin: Mars

Planet Date: June 17th 2056

Report: Have you ever stopped and noticed who is noticing you?

Ever look around to see who else is there?

As a Peace Lord my awareness of my surroundings is always the best defense and offense.

I got a new partner, new recruit.

In my 18 years doing this job, I’ve never seen one who reminded me as much of me as this Rose St. James. As humans we are still very few in the Peace Lord ranks and I was the first.

I was a 2 year old child in Tokyo when the Arcturians made their presence known to the world back in 16. I was part of the first class of humans who even attempted Peace Lord training back in 38. I was the only one that made it to graduation day.

Rose I hear did the same in her class. I talked to her trainers and she scored better than I did. She has been very attentive and hasn’t given me any grief yet. I can feel she is still excited about the job and she definitely got a little carried away with the governor and the phase shield demonstration. I thought that woman was going to puke.

That’s right it’s been 2 days since I wrote one of these.

Note to self, stop taking days off from writing reports.

No matter how many years you’ve been doing it, the Council still would like to see daily logs.

There is my reminder before you guys give it to me. Why pretend you’re not going to read this. I know you’ve asked me stop doing this, however I’m at peace with it as any Peace Lord should be at peace with all they do.

The new recruits we escorted to Mars will be working with my husband in the new total care facility being set up on the north eastern sector of the colony. It’s nice we get to have a few days together. I’m not unique among races in the Universe to be female and be a Peace Lord, however as the council reminds me I’m the only married active Peace Lord they’ve had in 2 centuries.

I understand why. It takes a special man to love a woman such as me. We get to spend the equivalent of 2 or 3 earth