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Peace Lords: Meet the healer I call Missy Cartier

Earth Galactic Exploration Report

Division: Medical Services

Location: Mars Colony

Location Date: June 18th 2056

E.G.E Name and Rank: Missy Cartier, Explorer First Class

Another new place and the same old question comes up, “Is Missy short for Melissa or something?”

I know my mom never intended I go through this repeated hell when she named me Missy. As usual I know they’ll all get used to it and I am the odd one. Aside from that everyone here has been incredible.

My new boss is married to a Peace Lord. I never knew they could get married. I hear his wife is the first Peace Lord in 200 hundred years to get married. I met her on my way to here. This Tal Lyn is not like the other Peace Lords I’ve met. She had a sense of humor and was even sarcastic.

Steve, the head of the total care center I’m assigned to is some one I’ve wanted to work with. Most of what I studied in the last year has been his work. He’s improved several of the Arcturians designs for the technology we use in healing. I’m glad I worked so hard to earn this position. There were a lot of people that were hoping to get this post.

Tiger is getting used to our quarters. I love that cat even though most days he decides to wake me up with his tail in my face. I don’t even know why I bother setting an alarm as Tiger always has me up 5 minutes before it goes off.

As Steve showed me the facility I will be working at it was hard not to get distracted by all the different species of life that are on Mars helping to Terra-form the planet. I met several other species while in training, however I never thought I would see such a variety all in one place. I had to study over 1,000 different species that I might see in being an Earth Galactic Explorer.

It’s exciting to finally see in person what I’ve only had the chance to study.

I know these reports are going to get fuller as time goes on and that they double as journals. I know I will be reading the reports of 15 people that are also assigned here. Part of our job as total care techs includes psychological care and these reports are often the first place we can see if someone isn’t holding up as well as they would like us to believe.

Part of my training I must remember is to allow my empathic self to feel past the words and feel the 15 people I’m responsible for and make sure they always get what they need. This is what I can never forget and what I will always remind myself of.

They told us to put something in our reports we could use as a personal mantra to keep us focused.

I feel those who need me with every breath in their time of need.