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Peace Lords: The Arcturian Woman Captain Vyntek

With Peace Lords I didn't want to limit myself to human only characters. I wanted to get out in the great expanse exploring the realm of what could be out there somewhere?

Let me introduce Captain Vyntek.

Council of Universal Peace Deep Exploration Fleet

Vessel Class: Bio-Mechanical Galaxy Jumper

Vessel Designation: Prototype Zero

Current Mission: Explore Dual Core Galaxy

Commanding Officer: Vyntek

Mission Day: 1

Daily Report: It’s been a day, a first day that is coming to an end that has me quite satisfied to have taken on this bold adventure into the expanse. As far as we know we Arcturians are the oldest species in the Universe. Even as long as we have been exploring the expanse, there is still much to discover. Our mission to chart the first known dual core Galaxy is one I never could have dreamed possible.

Prototype Zero is a new kind of vessel. It’s taken several centuries however this living vessel should evolve as needed to fit the space we find ourselves in. When we first started with living vessels it was a difficult for the vessel to understand and embrace it’s life. The souls that come to be these bio-mechanical living forms of life have been our carriers across the stars for over 500 years.

It’s important that I and the crew and our passengers are reminded that our vessel lives and take time to honor the soul that carries us on this grand adventure. I have need to remind our vessel that we carry the Peace Lord fighters just in case of emergency and it’s why our blessed carrier has no weapons. I can feel my friend and now I understand what other captains have talked about.

I can let go into PZ’s mind and feel my way through her halls and systems. She’s running at optimum and is as curious as I am about what lay before us.

We are scheduled to be in this Dual Core Galaxy off and on for the next hundred years. In that time we might map a quarter of it. I’m still amazed by the sight of it. Two massive black holes whose galactic arms overlap in a figure 8 yet the star systems don’t collide. Solving this mystery alone is worth the hundred years.

I had a little fun when we took on our Earth passengers. They still have a hard time figuring out if I’m male or female. While it’s true Arcturians do look very similar we do have noticeable differences.

I’d heard stories about this Tal Lyn, one of our Peace Lord Protectors, before the beginning of this mission and there’s nothing that prepares you for a Peace Lord who thinks they’re funny. I’m fairly certain she knows I’m female, however was having as much fun as I was with the ones who think I’m a male.

I’ll make sure after my rest cycle to let everyone know Captain Vyntek is a female Arcturian.

If I’m to give myself one reminder on this adventure to be my guiding thought, what should it be?

If we are to learn and grow, we must let go and let it flow.

The unknown is the only place to learn and grow.

Let the unknown make itself known and teach this student all I wish to learn, this is why my fire burns.

Peace Lords: The Arcturian Woman Captain Vyntek