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Peace Lords: Tylestr Hedrym

Peace Lords is a creative project I work on from time to time as I am inspired. It's Science fiction and it's a work in progress. This is one of six pieces I have written so far in this fictional world. 

Personal Log: Daniella Nemeth, Eastern European Regional Governor

The was a time when I didn’t know Tylestr Hedrym and I’m still not sure how I ever lived with it. Tylestr is an android and has been my personal assistant since I became a regional governor. It has been interesting having an android assistant. While Tylestr has no flesh it is very human in its interactions. I’ve often found it to be quite comforting and compassionate in times I needed it. When I first started with my responsibilities as a civil servant to the Eastern European Sector I thought I knew what I was getting into.

There are simply things my education in governance could not prepare me for that has allowed me to see how valuable experience is in such a position. Most people who find themselves at this level of civil service often have years of experience in a city or town before ever becoming a regional governor. Even I was surprised when the World Council had chosen me. I had no idea anyone knew who I was to even nominate me.

It takes ten percent of the population nominating you for your name to even be considered by the World Council and they do it without you knowing. It was the only way to put an end to the politics that nearly destroyed our world. It means I was chosen by the people who I served and had heard of me.

I was as shocked as any that my name had reached so many and that they felt this way about how I served the first year out of the Governance Academy of Civil Service.

Had it not been for Tylestr covering my ass, I would not have survived the first year as a regional governor. It has only been through it’s guidance that my service has allowed me to continue for the last ten years without being asked to step down. There have been those who received a massive outcry heard by the World Council that saw them removed within their first year.

Tylestr is an android of Arcturian design and has been around for several centuries as one of the many androids who have assisted us since our world united. They have their own homes and are treated as any sentient life is treated, with respect and decency. They are considered Arcturian Citizens. Their emotional intelligence is on par with the Arcturians themselves and they are treated as equals in Arcturian society.

When the Arcturians realized their creations had become sentient they could see no other choice that would not result in violence at some point. Over the centuries they even developed the ability to join the Arcturian hive mind that is the telepathic connection between all Arcturians.