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Politics, Governance and the Psychospirilosophy view.

I often avoid talking about politics and systems of governance as I usually find my passion gets the better of me and I either come off as a raving lunatic or even worse I start making sense. 

It's been more than two years since I have allowed myself to speak on this topic. Here's why.

I got really pissed off one weekend about global politics and led a discussion in a group on Linkedin with over 500,00 members. It went on for over 600 comments and saw people from every walk of life. What happened over the week after this discussion is why I have stayed off this topic since. 

I look at the joke Donald Trump is making out of being elected President and the election that got him there and I see every reason why at least this country is in dire need of an overhaul in it's system of governance. 

As the same prick who wrote Please complain, but only if you have a solution of course I have an idea or a few on how to fix it. 

I say prick to correct all of you have been calling me an asshole on the other side of the screen. Like I wasn't called worse in basic training. I always figure if name calling is all you got, you ain't got shit on me. 

If I was going to do it my way and set up a system of governance here's what I would do. 

If you are in the profession of governance you will be a veteran or will not be in position to govern anyone or have a say in how we are governed. Here's why.

If you will not step up to protect the society that you live in, you live off that society and are demanding others make the sacrifice in your stead. 

If you have not put yourself in position to be called upon to defend that society you have no clue what it means to ask anyone to defend that society. 

Call me names all you want, I don't give two fucks one way or the other when it comes to the seriousness of sending men and women to kill and die. 

That and remember in debate if all you got is to call me names, you lose.

I don't trust anyone who has never been in the position to kill and die for their society to be an adequate leader. Here's why. 

The will never understand what it means to make that commitment and then live it. One that could see you killing and dying in the name of the society you serve and protect. 


Lobbying of any kind is banned an punishable by death as treason against the people. 

Sounds harsh but how  do think fracking happened?

How do think marijuana got banned and a cure to cancer was lost for several decades?

How do think Monsanto got protection in the USA after being banned in other countries?

Each one these is an example of lobbying for something that has actually caused mass damaged in many lives. In the case of cancer it caused the torturing of people through chemotherapy which often left mountains of unpayable medical expenses. The effects of fracking are still being felt and the true damage total has yet to even begin to be known.Genetically modified food has been linked to a myriad of health problems that never existed until we decided to screw with nature. 

Lobbying has cost people their lives. No one in a place of governance should even be listening to a lobbyist, they should be listening to the people they serve.  

During campaigns there is a fund for candidates and no private donations are allowed. You donate to the fund that ensures every candidate has equal funds to run their campaigns and eliminate them being bought. 

I feel that one should have to start at the lowest level of governance and be nominated by people in their community anonymously. Keep that system going as it goes up. 

Get rid of the party system as it serves no value other than to create conflict and slow progress.

Our interest should be in taking care of the people and the land not trying figure out  who is the coolest of the cool kids. Our interest should be in finding the best leader to get the job done. 

I would keep most of the structures and positions in place however I would demand transparency in all things and that all technology that has been suppressed and all secrets kept from the people be made available. 

Unless my society is directly attacked by another on my soil, I ain't going to war for shit however if the UN asks for additional back up in their activities as the world's police force they would be just that back up.

I would also close every military installation not on this soil. They don't have bases here.

I would then use the military mostly for humanitarian aid missions. I went on one of these missions in the Air Force. 

As you keep reading realize if you want to come up with something better, I am willing to listen and I might even agree, however if all want to do is talk shit...

I would do way with tax right offs for charitable contributions. We should all be doing that anyway and we don't deserve a reward for doing what we should be doing anyway. 

I would erase the law that makes corporation entities that are responsible for their own survival only with no social obligation to give back the society they feed off of. I would absolutely put in mechanisms to ensure the community is served by the corporation that it gets to exist in. 

I would legalize prostitution. Here's why. 

Properly managed other counties have had no issues with it being legal. I spent another weekend on that topic in the same group so know I am well armed for the debate on this topic. The people from the countries where it has been legal for a long time have lower sexual assault rates for one. 

I would institute a maximum salary cap. 

No member of a system of governance should be able to vote their own raise.

The electoral college is gone. 

Since the bases are closed an all the troops are here. That reduces the military budget and those funds can go into creating sustainable communities to take care for the homeless issue. You come work the land and you get somewhere to live. Each community also education and arts center. 

This reduces the strain on the welfare budget allowing those funds to go into other areas, say maybe space exploration and gettin' the fuck off the rock. 

I would do away with the patent system and make everything open for anyone to be a part of making it happen. 

Here is where I don't give a fuck what your argument is.

There is no good reason other than to kill some one to own a gun. A rifle or shotgun for hunting I get, you're still a pussy unless you use a bow and arrow or a crossbow. 

It takes pure paranoia and insecurity to even want to find a counter to that position. Remember behavioral psychology is my specialty. 

We have the technology to make the fire arm obsolete.

Politics, Governance and the Psychospirilosophy view. I'm with Henry on this one. 

There is my jumping off point.

I want to try an experiment. 

Instead of letting your emotions get the better of you and deciding to debate any of this, why not hit me with your ideas on how to fix it and let's have the discussion start there and think of this as my notes for the discussion. 

Anybody got any ideas?