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Psychospirilosophy and Behavioral Manipulation


If seeing that word bothers you it is due to you being brainwashed. Here’s why.

In psychological terms you have become delusional and inflict harm on yourself and others due to a delusion based on brainwashing or programming or propaganda or marketing. They are all ways to describe manipulating people to do what you want.

If fuck bothers you, every reason you give for why is invalid. Here’s why.

It never bothered you until someone told you it should.

If millions of people believe the same lie, it’s still a lie and their stupid for thinking numbers make them right.

Language is our thoughts expressed, it’s how we attempt to define ourselves and set ourselves apart as individuals or as part of a social gathering or living situation.

If you ever want to have control over people the first thing you do is change their language. It is crucial to control and limit how they express themselves to create a standard to judge people as being deserving of belonging or judged as unworthy and cast aside. If people don’t comply with your language demands they are punished until they do comply. The punishment is often exclusion with the emotional intent of devaluing them as human beings due to noncompliance with your structure of controlling a mass of people.

In simplest terms we use language to say do it our way or else. You will bow to the authority we have given ourselves to tell you how to think and what to think and we will fuck your world up if you don’t.

I have no problem with hearing a child say fuck as there is nothing obscene about the word unless you want to use it to judge people and see them as inferior so you can feel superior to them. I said fuck as a child not to be obscene, I said it because it fit. Even as a child it made no sense that there were words we weren’t supposed to say, yet most used them anyway.

I was chastised by a CEO on Linkedin for my use of Fuck. What makes her a fucking hypocrite was as she attempted to admonish me she made the mistake of saying fuck to me and admitting her use of it on a regular basis in different settings. If it’s not OK everywhere it’s not OK. If it’s OK anywhere it’s OK everywhere.

What does it take to convince the masses a word is obscene?

  • Tell them the word is bad.
  • Create a system of punishment for using the word.
  • Be consistent in repeating your message and your punishment of violators.
  • Use an emotional punishment that will encourage them to comply.
  • Make those who don’t comply seen as inferior.
  • Use religion and government and the education system to spread the message.
  • Use forms of entertainment to reinforce the idea.
  • Repeat with consistency over time to achieve systematic societal change creating inferior and superior based on language.
  •  Fuck over any and every one to set examples publicly to show why the masses should comply.
  • Repeat cycle and never give up the lie. The lie being that you’re not trying to control the masses.

This is the magical 10 steps to brainwashing a populace.

Take a look around you and think about the terms you use in life to describe life and the people in our life. 

Why do you use those terms?

Psychospirilosophy and Behavioral Manipulation