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Psychospirilosophy and Tantra

I took from it what I needed in concept which is the following:

1. We each have an insatiable beast within and the goal is to get the beast to see the value of taming itself

There is a myth that to reach the enlightened view or to be an awakened soul means that you have dispatched the darkness within one and are nothing but a being of light.

Nice fantasy and bed time story for children.

For adults I suggest you understand that you are born with the capability to do anything you deem horrific and therefore a dark desire.

Good and evil are only concepts and do not actually exist in any function in existence other than to give a subjective metaphor for ones to use in order to evolve in understanding.

The concepts are primitive and have no place n the mind of an evolved being.

This is part of becoming fully consciously aware. One is one’s darkness as much as one is one’s light and until one achieves balance one will live in a fear state, fearing one’s own self and will project those fears into the shared reality in order to face and overcome them.

Until one faces the beast called desire and applies self-discipline and moderation to one’s life in all areas of one’s life one’s sex life will never be fulfilling. One’s sex life is effected by every other area of one’s life. As a human being one will always have wants and desires.

One does not have aspects of self to resolve, one has the totality of ones view to resolve by creating parameters or boundaries for one’s behavior that with repetition becomes one’s identity. To treat oneself as a segmented or fractal thing is to ignore the analog flowing being one is. While logic can assist in understanding life, it is emotion that gives life form and is why one is even alive, to feel and grow.

Even when one has become enlightened one will get angry, horny, sad, depressed and every other face of love. There are no negative emotions, again this is a lie used to sell books and seminars and rob the ignorant a