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Psychospirilosophy and The Idea of Self Emotional Healing

The entire mental health and spirituality industry is dependent on you thinking that you do not have the ability to heal yourself or know what is best for you. I find these industries go hand in hand. One uses Freud and Jung and the other uses Rumi and the Dali Lama.

The hazard is that most of those who work in the spirituality field do it under the title of Life Coach or some derivative of that concept.

The hazard of the mental health field is they use general and incomplete ideas of human behavior to diagnose and treat individuals who rarely match what is in the book.

The idea that we have it within us to be our own healer is not a new one by an infinite shot. I say only you can truly heal you from the emotional wounds you may have. Here's why.

While having another person to talk to in the form of cognitive therapy is a very useful tool and I feel anyone could benefit from cognitive therapy, the healing is done by you. Emotional healing is done by changing the way you view the event you have attached the emotions to. I look back at what I endured as a child being picked on as a lesson that words only hurt if you let them. 

At times it should hurt. When you make yourself vulnerable to someone and they say something that hurts, it should. It should be and indicator to ask why they said it. At no time should we make a decision on how to view what is going on without asking the question “Why is this happening?”

The answers to that question will validate or justify the emotion we choose to apply to the situation. Frequently we react based on instinct. That instinct is a program that says “If this happens, feel this.”

Rarely do we actually investigate deeper than our initial reaction. We assume we read it and are reacting correctly based on our experience and little else. We are a shallow thinking people who prefer the instant gut reaction to doing the work and taking the time to think about it. Once we engage in the emotion we search to validate it because of the chemicals our brain releases with those emotions.

Dopamine is released by some emotional responses and adrenaline for others. We like dopamine and the adrenaline boost, so we hold onto the view that allows us to keep the emotional attachment to the memories alive. We look for people to agree with our choice of emotional attachment to enable us to hold onto our chosen view.

I once thought that using energy techniques, such as Reiki, that one could provide an emotional healing for another. I was wrong. What I discovered is the best one can do is temporarily relieve or remove the emotional pain, however as long as the view of what caused it remains, the emotional pain will and does return.

As I’ve said many times in life, perception is false reality and our choice of view creates that false reality that we lock ourselves into. No one can make you feel anything you do not choose to