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Psychospirilosophy says "There are no Negative Emotions"

One of the most abusive things we do is to classify the emotional states of others as negative and therefore invalid. 

The concepts tied to the metaphor of Negative are all designed to be unpleasant and unwanted and unwanted in thy presence. 

I give the new age spiritual industry a metric fuck ton of shit on this issue and here's why from the Psychospirilosophy view as viewed by your friendly neighborhood Rock 'N' Roll Shaman. 

In case you're new to what I do, here's a quick reminder of what Psychospirilosophy is. It's a tool and a view that I use to help me figure my shit out. 

Psychologically speaking it's good to understand why you are doing anything you are doing. 

Spirituality is what ever works for you, just have something is all I am saying. 

Philosophy in this view is the sayings we create for ourselves or quotes we borrow from others that we tell everyone is the talk we are walking or our personal set of philosophies that we use to guide our life. 

There are no negative emotions and it is a form of abuse to say otherwise. Here's why. 

One would never know joy if one never knew sorrow and it's sweetness comes from the deepest of love that creates the deepest of sorrow. 

Psychologically speaking by saying some emotions are negative we will do anything we can to avoid them or someone experiencing them.This causes us to repress these emotions and causes us to ignore others who are experiencing them simply because we don't deal with negative emotions. 

We inflict harm on ourselves and others in doing this that causes deep psychological wounds and changes in behavior. We shift our identity into a delusional state to repress the guilt we feel for ignoring one in need by saying they are being negative. We ignore the pain being expressed and ignore the issue needing to be addressed. 

We create ticking time bombs out of ourselves and other people by insisting that sadness and pain are negative. It creates a view that says its wrong to feel that way so suck it up buttercup or worse yet encourages us to engage in creating a delusions to avoid acknowledgement.  

Spiritually speaking anything that harms you emotionally harms your soul. I'm a soul mechanic by birth and I engage directly with the soul. I have also taken the journey within my soul to heal wounds of the past and work diligently as life happens to deal with things head on in honesty to resolve the issues so the sadness, anger, whatever goes away. Any prayers or what not I do for guidance is my spirituality and you have yours and I am not asking about it. Do what works for you in this area. 

What we say and the words we choose shapes our view and creates the shared reality we all live in. In one of my current projects The Book of Khaos Majick I say. 

It is a shared reality and one is responsible for ones reality and the reality of all ones. 

We create that reality with the metaphors we attach to the words we use. 

We create the views for others as much as we create our own view. 

There are no catch all general rules to emotion. There is evaluating the situation that created the emotional response and determine if one is overreacting or if one is experiencing a valid emotional state based on the life one is experiencing in the moment. 

The easiest way to know if your emotional state is valid is to ask yourself this question. 

If someone told me this story what would I say?

I usually find in this exercise that I take the time to get a bigger picture view and that view will tell me every time whether or not I am having a natural reaction to the experience or I am being a whiny little baby or as an Empath I have taken on the emotion of another as my own. . 

A negative is a loss and the only loss that we truly experience is the loss of growth and learning when we ignore our emotions or other people because we use words such as Negative to describe the emotion and therefor the person. 

We are emotional creatures and our emotions build our identity.

To negate the emotional state is to negate the being in that state. 

That includes yourself. 

 Psychospirilosophy says "There are no Negative Emotions"

Max🐝 J. Carter 16/11/2016 · #15

#14 Harvey the reason people keep getting isolated is because of the word negative.

There has been such a push from pseudospiritulists to demand that you alone are responsible for you life and your emotions. This is bullshit. Yo have a responsibility to your life whoever all ones are connected and all ones are responsible for what happens to all ones.

Marketing and branding people use the emotions associated with pleasure to create an addiction as anything one can find pleasure in can become addictive

In fact it is a direct result of marking and branding techniques that we have found ourselves in this place where the very idea of not being happy and going along with everything makes one easy to ignore.

How many memes do we see talking about negative this or articles about how to avoid negative people or articles that listicles that are telling people how to diagnose their friends and family as negative and create their own isolation from anything negative in their life. All tarted marketing techniques to bolster few and blast many and has created an abusive society who doesn't even see the abuse they inflict because that would negative.

In that actual and factual there is no such thing as positive and negative emotions,and until the word choice change all that use it are setting themselves and the rest up for more of it. I can;t see how using the terminology when talking about emotion can do anything but cause abuse, the abuse it has been causing and will continue to cause until people stop doing it to each other and themselves as a result.

If you are going to have people to elevate you have to have people to degrade and using the emotional state is has become the great scapegoat as to why so many go ignored. .

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Harvey Lloyd 16/11/2016 · #14

#13 I agree, but in my context, i refer to our emotions and their impact on others. Experiencing emotions are a part of life and not negative. It's when we act negatively towards others because we are experiencing them that is the negative. My perspective is that all things human are within a social group. Take away the social group and our existence becomes, to some extent, moot.

I don't like the current trend of folks isolating others because they are experiencing emotions. These are natural reflections of our views of the current situation. I do find it interesting that folks can be compelled to align, give money and take risk with certain benevolent emotions. While other emotions are repulsed. Almost as if a diesese exists when we express anger, frustration or anxiety.

These styled discussions are the only way we can begin to understand how we have behaved our way into a very tight corner of condemnation of others.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 16/11/2016 · #13

#10 @ Harvey Lloyd Thank you and

I would have to state though that a negative emotion is when we attack another humans character as a result of our own emotional stance. Given the circumstances of the act, a character shot at each other is corrosive. Someone displaying a different position emotionally is asking for understanding, a person displaying character assassination is a different definition.

Here;s why I disagree. I would call it a negative action based on the choice to allow passion to drive the car right off a cliff. The results and what we choose to do in the emotional state can have a negative impact on our lives and others however the emotions itself isn't negative.

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Harvey Lloyd 16/11/2016 · #11

Part 1 The word negative could not exist without the opposite word, positive. A simple statement but has big implications when we consider our use of the word. When i look at negative emotions in the mirror, i would define them as emotions that inhibit me from experiencing life. Looking at others emotions would i not use the same definition? Someone else's emotions that inhibit me from experiencing life would be negative also, or would it?

I do believe we have become that selfish. When assembling with others to accomplish a goal or task there exists a comparison of emotions. This lays under the surface until someone displays what another would call a negative emotion. The emotion becomes a bacteria that grows within each member differently. None the less the comparison begins.

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Harvey Lloyd 16/11/2016 · #10

Part 2 Your view of looking through the eyes of another is appropriate here. When someone displays a negative emotion as defined by our own internal definition, two things should happen. Realize that the display is not necessarily following your definition and second a team member has seen something differently than you saw, take heed, seek to understand.

Emotions are Apps that are installed to assist us in our experience of life. Using technology as the metaphor here we can see that any App that absorbs all of our time and controls our inner thoughts robs us of the rich experiences of all the other Apps (emotions). This is a negative emotional state. It's not negative to me though. As a friend, it would be a call for help, not comparison or labeling.

I would have to state though that a negative emotion is when we attack another humans character as a result of our own emotional stance. Given the circumstances of the act, a character shot at each other is corrosive. Someone displaying a different position emotionally is asking for understanding, a person displaying character assassination is a different definition.

Thanks @Max Carter and @Ali Anani. A very interesting discussion.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 16/11/2016 · #9

#8 When great minds meet they travel to places the have yet to go as they push each other on to push the envelope further and further to find greater wisdom to share with those who just happen to watching all this.

Thank you as a Shaman born storytelling goes with the gig. Film is my passion and being a Shaman is just something I do.

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Ali Anani 16/11/2016 · #8

#7 @Max Carter- will surely read the link you provided. I am wondering how in just less than 20 hours we have covered so many topics and bifurcated into new land with reason and purpose. You are a natural storyteller and your comment testifies to what I am saying.

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Max🐝 J. Carter 16/11/2016 · #7

#6 I dug it. It was good use of creating context with the acidic and alkaline metaphor to explain the character building process. I like the simplicity of which you were able to describe the complexity of character building with your example.

When a character does something out of context we call it bad film making or a trick of movie magic allows for the out of context story for this character to take place.

Alice takes the pill that begins the journey down the rabbit hole where here presence is totally out of context for the world she is now in.

Here's what's funny for me. The song Go ask Alice by Jefferson Airplane started playing on my shuffle as I was searching for a story to reference in this comment. . .

Now as my character as The Rock 'N' Roll Shaman music is a place I often go for guidance so it is within the context of my character for the synchronicity of the two events to line up to create this moment.

With out becoming who I am I could not very well have the same thing be within the context of my character.

This is where I start getting into the Cinematic view which I have written about here.

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