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Running with movie titles: Kevin Bacon Game edition

It takes a REAL GENIUS or maybe it’s a TOP GUN to become a LEGEND  on FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF for those of you who like to play WAR GAMES with the BREAKFAST CLUB while there are MEN AT WORK as they join THE CHASE of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER who was hiding in a MASH unit with OCEAN’S 11 with 12 MONKEYS and HUDSON HAWK who was playing chess on GROUNDHOGS DAY with a man who got SCROOGED with a woman who knows THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and their friend THE FUGITIVE who’s was being chased by THE MEN IN BLACK on INDEPENDENCE DAY  with THE FLY and who gave THE LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT that made a BLACK SNAKE MOAN with a member of THE ADDAMS FAMILY and they went BACK TO THE FUTURE for some MIDNIGHT MADNESS at the ANIMAL HOUSE with THE BLUES BROTHERS who had just gotten back from GROSSE POINTE BLANK after ONE CRAZY SUMMER in search of ST ELMO’S FIRE on WAYNE’S WORLD where they had a SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO with THE CROW who had been telling SOUTHLAND TALES to the  HIGHLANDER who was hanging out with THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING who had given the command of NOISES OFF to SUPERMAN who was out to GET SHORTY who was seen last with a RENAISSANCE MAN who was RUNNING SCARED with some CITY SLICKERS and their DISORGANIZED CRIME that was MAJOR LEAGUE trouble for EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS because they had just escaped THE MATRIX  using a CADENCE given to them by THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT who was using his BASIC INSTINCTS in a ritual that gave him TOTAL RECALL and he was reviewing his missions with THE EXPENDABLES who had once found a RHINESTONE while they were working 9 TO 5 doing BIG BUSINESS with this crazy red head because ISN’T SHE GREAT with her performances and her partner was in THE BIRD CAGE with the BICENTENNIAL MAN and his partner traveled to find the THREE MUSKETEERS and the FLATLINERS to find Kevin Bacon but keep going as Kevin has a promotional video about showing his cock in his films such as WILD THINGS that made us all SCREAM as we saw  THE CURVE that has led to an EXIT FROM EDEN after ANOTHER STAKE OUT to find who is responsible for this AMERICAN GRAFFITI and the felons could be called THE UNTOUCHABLES and when it was SHOWTIME THE BEVERLY HILLS COP was not about to let them get away with their FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH with a SHANGHAI SURPRISE that left a BODY OF EVIDENCE that led to THE BOONDOCK SAINTS who had been caught on 8MM film in their effort to reclaim THE ROCK that had been given to us by ALIENS who came here on a GALAXY QUEST to spread their DOGMA with a couple of CLERKS who were CHASING AMY and some MALLRATS while JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK at THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY who went to GATTACA with some PULP FICTION to read FROM DUSK TIL DAWN during these STRANGE DAYS working with HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN because ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO they had gathered for a meeting with EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and found him with a girl and they were about to start the meeting when the GIRL INTERRUPTED with a story about a HACKERS who caused a SHORT CIRCUIT at THE POLICE ACADEMY using a program called SPACE BALLS that loads THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1 on all your hard drives along with CANNONBALL RUN and there is nothing we could do during those BOOGIE NIGHTS except see if maybe we could find a ROCKSTAR who had been blessed by BRUCE ALMIGHTY at THE MAJESTIC while he was SAVING SILVER MAN from the AMERICAN PIE that had been told the story where HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE and find SERENITY with a WAITRESS who told BEDTIME STORIES to AIRHEADS and RESERVOIR DOGS in a tale about TRUE ROMANCE and how to properly PUMP UP THE VOLUME with the help of the SUPER MARIO BROS in order to SPAWN the MEMPHIS BELLE and THE PHANTOM using DEAD HEAT to see if JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY could find THE DREAM TEAM with YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN who was using BLAZING SADDLES as the only CLUE they had to finding OSCAR and MY COUSIN VINNY who had been hired by a CASINO to see if he could find the right kind of HEAT to get back to a movie with Val Kilmer who was the first actor for this one.

This how to do something that makes no sense however is fun anyway. For those who don't know, The Kevin Bacon Game A.K.A 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon is where you start with one film and use actors/actresses to connect film to film. 

As you can see if you click the titles for each one, these are all real movies. I guarantee you there is one actor between each title that links it to the next. 

If you have this kind of free time on your hands and can figure out the actors/actresses used for each link, I will give you a free session with me including a full chakra clearing and balancing and cognitive session to talk about whatever you want. 

Running with movie titles: Kevin Bacon Game edition