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Social Media Social Commentary: Social Media and Social Agreement

Social media is image driven. 

We select an image of ourselves to show the world in the form of a picture. 

We create an image for others with what we say about ourselves on our profiles. 

We expand that image for others through interaction.

Here is the agreement we all made without realizing it. 

Opinions are like assholes and if you post anything on social media you will face the opinions of others. You can't choose who sees and responds to what it is you are putting out there. You agree that others have the same right to comment as you have. 

This is dangerous and threatening to image. 

What if they say something counter to what I am presenting?

Suck it up buttercup and deal with it. You put it out there and now your image is dependent on your response to every last one of the people who comments regardless what their comment is. 

Most people have never had training in leading a discussion and in the comment sections on social media this is evident. People tend forget to treat it as if we are all in the same room. 

This allows for discourteous behavior. 

If someone has commented on something you put out to the world, to ignore their comment is rude and disrespectful on all levels. If we were in the same room that does not happen. It happens because we forget there is a real human being on the other side. 

The value of a social media site is in how well those who post respond to those who comment. Here's why you ignore a comment when you're the author of an article. 

You feel the comment threatens your image. You fear losing status in the eyes of the other readers and thus let your fear inspire an act of cowardice by pretending the comment isn't there. 

The social agreement is to agree if you talk shit you are going to face it and you can't control who says what when you put something out in the world. You are challenging the world to evaluate your presentation. You cant't control what that evaluation is going to be and you have made an agreement to face it all the moment you put it out to all. 

This social agreement could also be the Karmic Law of existence often referred to as Reap what you Sow.

If you piss some one off with what you have to say, you are going to deal with it and there is no way to absolve yourself from it. If you would like to avoid dealing with anyone countering what you are presenting then make it flawless if you think you can. 

Find all the holes anyone would be looking to exploit and cover your own ass in your own presentation of your material. 

Even then someone will find a counter to your presentation and you act like a child when you hide from that counter. You show that your image is just that all image no substance. 

When you lead a discussion you accept the responsibility of taking on all comers and interacting with all comers. I have spent years in discussion groups and have even owned my own once upon time.  

Social media has great potential to create change that is of a benefit to the sum, you know everyone equally. It only works when you work with the social agreement you made by being here to begin with. 

Social Media Social Commentary: Social Media and Social Agreement

Max🐝 J. Carter 2/12/2016 · #5

#4 At some point one must admit facts exist when they are met with them or they are choosing to live in a delusional state that is harmful for society as a whole.

To get into the exploration and deny truth as it is discovered is the act of a cowardly child who desires to have their opinion mean more than the truth and this is what is called delusional behavior driven by a narcissist need to have the truth be their own personal thing.

There is nothing healthy about this behavior.

Truth crushes opinion as it should so that learning and growth can take place.

Truth is not built trough opinion it is discovered in proving the opinion right or wrong and this is a simple fact of life no matter how unpleasant anyone finds it.

+1 +1

Actually in an open discussion or dialogue, we must be willing to change our minds if the other person argues and convinces us.
Many think that dialogue is to crush the opinion of the contrary.
But for that we are, to be evolving.
I love the exchange of opinions at a global level.
For this, globalization is positive.
Greetings Max

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Max🐝 J. Carter 28/11/2016 · #3

#2 I would disagree and here;s why.

Anyone in social media is free to express themselves to the rest in anyway that suits them. There are no rules to expressing yourself to the world when it comes to format and whether or not anyone is impressed.

I don;t look to be impressed by what I am reading on social media, I look for something that I will appreciate for a myriad of possible reasons.

Passion isn't always pretty and affinity networking is about finding those with similar passions so you can ugly it up together.

And never forget what you find unimpressive someone else is totally impressed with.

It;s subjective. .

+3 +3
Mohammed A. Jawad 28/11/2016 · #2

From social media platforms to complete virtual reality. ..that's the future of human interaction! I presume that social media has to be appropriate, inspiring, meaningful and productive. Without these ingredients, making sheer exposures through vain content and unimpressive pictures is waste of time and effort.

Nelson Rogério 24/11/2016 · #1

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